I have an iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 Bootloader is 06.04. I got the phone like 2 weeks after it was released in July 2009. I am jailbroken now with Blackra1n and it is unteathered, I can reboot and everything. I am also now unlocked with Blacksn0w. My iPhone model number is MC132B.

I don't have my MacBook Pro with me now and won't for a couple months and I want to jailbreak and unlock iOS4 ASAP. I know you can do it with pwnage tools on a mac. Is it possible for me to get a Custome IPSW and install it with redsn0w so I can hacktivate it (i dont have the original SIM)??

Any help would be great. Or is it just best to wait for something released after the iPhone 4 is released so dev team and geohot can sort something out after testing with an iPhone 4??