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Thread: Unlocking/Jailbreaking on locked iPhone

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    Cool Unlocking/Jailbreaking on locked iPhone
    So will this unlock a currently locked iphone version 3.1?(Dev Team's pwnage tool). If so I'll need to find a friend who owns a Mac I guess. What about all that ECID SHSH stuff? Does that info need to be "captured" on saurik's server still? What is the difference between George Hotz and Dev Team's besides one being for Mac OS X and one for Windows? Is it that the Dev Team is an unlock and the blackra1n is a jailbreak? In reading the posts I gather that your phone has to be unlocked already for the pwnage tool to work and if you currently have a locked iphone this isn't going to work? If it's incapable of being unlocked is it still capable of being jailbroken? Please understand that I'm new to the iphone scene and if these questions seem dumb please grant me a little slack.

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    If its 3G or

    Only the 2G iphone can be unlocked with Pwnage.

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    My bad it's 3GS. So that's the long and short of it I can't unlock or jailbreak version 3.1? I haven't updated the firmware/software to 3.1.2 yet. Am I in the right section of the forums? I thought the Dev Team just released an unlock for the iPhone version 3.1.4 but you're saying it'll only work on an unlocked and jailbroken phone? Wow that suck's dog's balls.
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