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Thread: Few questions before I brick this phone

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    Question Few questions before I brick this phone
    iPhone 3GS running 3.0.
    Currently unlocked and jailbroken.
    I use AT&T, but NOT through an iPhone plan.

    In the past on 3.0, I had issues being able to get onto the internet. It told me that I didn't have the proper plan, or something like that. However, the APN settings at – Mobileconfigs and Tethering for your iPhone | fixed me right up.

    SO, my questions are:
    1) I believe 3.1 doesn't have the option for manually choosing the APN settings. Will I have an issue getting onto 3G?

    2) Given that I use AT&T in the US, but don't have an official iPhone plan, should I choose YES or NO when it asks if I normally activate through iTunes?

    3) If I hold down the OPTION key when restoring in iTunes, I'll definitely get to choose my firmware file? That spot scares me Worried that I'll hold down the wrong key and that will be that.

    4) After I restore/upgrade with the custom firmware, I should then be able to load up a backup that has all my apps, settings, email accounts, calendar, and so on? Is anything known to get lost during that step?

    I think that's it. Thanks for any advice with this. Just trying to practice 'safe upgrades'

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    so here we go ...

    1) well, there were some changed made, but basically you can still chose your own APN. This option might not be available right from the start on AT&T. There is a .plist-hack to activate it, but I think there is an app in cydia that does the same job easier. In the end, if you know how to SSH onto your phone and how to edit .plist files, you will be able to edit the APN no matter what. Installing APN settings from benm should still work though. You just can't get tethering to activate with that

    2) If, when you connect the iphone for the first time to itunes, itunes doesn't say "your sim card isn't valid" then you should click "yes". if you don't know, just try it. click "yes" in pwnagetool, then restore, then see what happens. if itunes won't let you do anything, you have to create another firmware and select "no"

    3) yeah, it works. even if it doesn't ... you'll notice instantly because itunes either starts downloading the firmware pops up something else than the "chose your file" dialog. if that happens, just unplug the cable immediatly -> no harm done.

    4) pretty much all official stuff should be saved. jailbreak stuff isn't

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