Hi, I am very new to iPhone: just got a 3G with version 2.2.1.

Did Quickpwn but on 1st try, it didn't seem to work correctly (error messages in Cydia) so I re-did Quickpwn BUT while doing so, I forgot to check "replace logo" (I think). After that, I tried to unlock it with Cydia, the phone did not unlock.

After a couple of tries, I decided to restore using iTunes and start jailbreak all over again. However, while restoring, error messages occurred - iTunes saying it cannot be done since phone in on DFU. I have the Quickpwn pineapple logo and the Russian guy on my iPhone screen and it would not go away even when I tried different ways of holding down the power and home button. The iPhone only decided to come back to life after more "forced-booting"

The iPhone is back to original when I bought it BUT whenever I turn off and on the iPhone with the power button, the Quickpwn Pineapple shows up instead of the nice Mac logo What should I do?

Can someone confirm that it's ok to upgrade to 3.0 Firmware via iTunes BEFORE jailbreak and unlock iPhone, as I read conflicting topics about this.

SO, when I reattempt Quickpwn, would I be able to replace the Pineapple logo with the Mac logo then??

Appreciate your help!