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Thread: Help with unlocking and jailbreaking

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    Default Help with unlocking and jailbreaking
    Hello my name is Jordan. I am currenetly running mac osx10.4.1 powerpc g4. I recently got an iphone from a friend that got it from a friend. The phone seems to be locked with the slide for emergency thing at the bottom. so I put my t-mobile sim in there and i can check my balance and call customer service (t-mo cust. service that is). IT also says t-mobile in the upper left hand corner. Is This phone unlocked? and how do i find out the firmware that is currently on it? Also itunes cant connect to the phone due to an error. Ive also read that pwnage tool wont work on powerpc based macs. PLEASE HELP!!! It is a 2g 8gb.
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    First of all, if it says T-Mobile in the upper corner, then its unlocked. Second, what version of itunes do you have? Third, if you are unsure, and since its a 2G iphone, you could restore your phone with the 3.0.1 firmware (which you can find on this website or others but make sure its for the 2G iphone and not the 3G or 3Gs) and then put your phone in recovery mode, press ALT+restore and locate the ipsw file and restore. From that point, you will be on 3.0.1. Then follow my tutorial:

    Jailbreak steps:
    1- *Plug iphone in*
    2- *Let itunes upgrade it to 3.0.1
    3- *Download the 3.0 firmware (from
    4- *Download the redsn0w app (from this site of Dev-Team Blog)
    5- *Run redsn0w
    6- *When prompted, pick the 3.0 file (not the 3.0.1, they are the same except for the sms fix which is now on your phone)
    7- *Pick "Cydia and unlock" in your choices
    8- *Locate the 3.9 and 4.6 bootloaders
    9- *Close your phone
    10- *Put your phone in DFU and let redsn0w jailbreak your phone.
    11- *Let it reboot and voilą.

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    ok so my friend just told me that it worked, and then he updated it with itunes to the 3.0 and now its locked up. So if the phone was previously unlocked and was updated with itunes, wut can i do to fix this situation

    ok so i know i now have a bricked unlocked iphone. i have tried to downgrade to 1.1 then to 1.0.2 but i keep getting an error wen trying to downgrade the firmware to 1.1. any help is appreciated
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    Just use redsn0w to jailbreak and activate it. Your phone is not bricked. Just launch redsn0w and follow the steps. If you need help, write to me on [email protected]

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    This a scam? or an already existing unlock tool by the DevGroup repackaged? Unlock iPhone 3Gs 3.1 & 3.0.1 - Unlock any iPhone

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