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Thread: iPhone stuck in recovery mode, not shown in iTunes

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    Default iPhone stuck in recovery mode, not shown in iTunes
    Please help!

    My iPhone has firmware v2.2.1 installed. I tried using QuickPwn on Windows XP to jailbreak it, but it got stuck at the "Wait for your phone to connect in recovery mode..." stage.

    Now, it just has the recovery mode icon on it (the USB cable pointing at iTunes). I have done lots of searches on this, and the general advice is to to a Restore in iTunes. However, my iPhone does not appear in iTunes! When I plug it in, Windows makes a "USB device connected" noise, followed immediately by a "USB device disconnected" noise. I also occassionaly get a little bubble popping up on the system tray saying there is a problem with a USB device.

    I can't figure out any way out of this. Does anyone have any ideas???


    A further update: I found a website which described how to put the iPhone into DFU mode. At first, this seemed to work - it was actually recognised by iTunes. But when I tried to do a restore, it gave me a 1601 error.

    I have removed and re-installed iTunes (as per Apple's advice for fixing a 1601 error), but that has made no difference. I still can only see the iPhone in DFU mode, and then I get the 1601.

    Thanks for any ideas,


    FIXED - kind of.

    I plugged it into a different USB port, and now it works fine in iTunes. Hope that information helps someone else.

    Now I just have to figure out why QuickPwn puts it into recovery mode and then gets stuck. It has all the signs of the problem of not having services running which is described in other places. But I have checked, and all the services are running, except for Telnet, which is not installed on Windows XP Home.

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    Exclamation had some prob
    i tried jailbreaking my 3g the same way, but MINE got stuck on the APPLE screen. i dosn't register in itunes.. so i can't restore it. and it continually reboots itself... but dosn't go past the apple screen. i also did the hard reset.. (HOLDING the power and menu buttons) dosn't wrk... HELP?

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    Same problem for my 2g but i cant put it in dfu it restarts too fast mac and itunes wont recognize it

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    go to the apple store and have them restore it or replace them. Those are the options imo.

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    I tried to connect my iPhone 3GS to iTunes and as my iPhone has just been jailbroke my iPhone is stuck on recovery mode and displaying a USB cable and the iTunes icon I've tried everything to fix it without success tried restoring it through iTunes but it cuts off half way through and says error. 1015, I've tried everything online to fix this without success and switching my iPhone off and on just goes back to the USB and iTunes icon

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    What iOS is it have you tried tu

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