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Thread: 2.2.1 QuickPwn won't unlock my 2g iPhone

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    Question 2.2.1 QuickPwn won't unlock my 2g iPhone

    I quickPwn'd my phone to 2.2.1 and even though I chose the unlock, it won't unlock my phone. I found another post about it and he said if the SIM card has a passcode or lock code it'll cause problems, but he never said how he fixed it.

    HELP PLEASE????? I want my phone back!

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    was your iphone previously activated with an ATT account? if so, back up your phone (save your contents of your phone) and then update again with 2.2.1. quickpwn unlock works well if its on an unactiveated phone. so by re-installing 2.2.1 makes it a virgin firmware agin. now run quickpwn 2.2.5 again with the unlock option once its unlock, go ahead and restore from backup.

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    make sure sim card is in when restoring the phone and quicpwning it, i had to do this 3 times before i figured it out.

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    Ok so I have 2g iphone on 2.2 I bought from a guy who was using att... I want to jailbreak and unlock for tmobile. I restored to 2.2... ran quickpwn and this is the wierd thing... it says different sim detected but i can still get calls on it even though it has the connect to itunes logos... but i cant get to my icons or anything... itunes also opens and sas the sims doesnt appear to be a suported sim card??? in the top corner it even says tmobile and has full signal! apparently it is an issue with the lockdown folder since it was with att before... every post ive seen about this issue is for pc users to fix but I am on a MAC... any suggestions?

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I am going to pull out what little hair I have left!!!

    PS. when I restored it in itunes I used a att sim(since it wont do anything with a tmobile one) then put in the tmobile one for the quickpwn like the above post says to do...
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