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Thread: No 3G Internet Service after Jailbreaking

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    Default No 3G Internet Service after Jailbreaking
    im having a strange problem here... i loaded cpjr's custom .ipsw file (works AWSOME btw), have 50mb free memory, running real lean and clean, but there is one problem... according to SBSettings, i have a data ip address and a wifi addy, if i turn off the wifi (which free's up 5mb btw) and respring, it still shows a data (3G im guessing) ip addy. i cant access the internet through anything, keeps giving me the error not connected to internet. i have 5 bars service and the 3g icon is there, but no dice...

    anyone go through this before and know what to do... any help would be great!!

    i have a 8GB 3G, only 3 days old.
    cpjr's custom .IPSW file
    SBSettings and cydia installed....

    other misc apps that come preloaded

    that's it.

    someone , anyone, please? im loosing my mind over here... what could be keeping this POS from connecting to the net over the 3G network. i dont get it...

    oh.. and that lean IPSW... i cant stop raving about it... i think it's actually more stable the fw from apple.....

    props again to cpjr... now if you could only help me with this problem, i'd be forever greatful

    bump someone anyone please help
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    I dont have 3g so i cant help you, i have edge. but it looks like you did something wrong restore the iphone then do the process again

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    Try to reset network settings&3G on/off&airplane mode on/off...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dejawoo View Post
    Try to reset network settings&3G on/off&airplane mode on/off...
    bingo... that did it.... DUH, now why didnt i think of that!!!!

    thank you dejawoo

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    dejawoo & northnjmark & everyone else-
    i jailbroke my 3g after upgrading to 3.0. i added sbsettings, then noticed that i could not connect to the internet if my wifi was turned off.
    so my guess is that sbsetting (which i believe is the common factor) may have cause it or i may have a broken modem.
    please let me know if you have any thoughts!

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    I just jailbroke my phone using and I'm Gavin the same problem.. And for some reason i don't have permission to do a search on this site... So any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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