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Thread: Quickpwn 2.2.5-2 [Windows]

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    Default Quickpwn 2.2.5-2 [Windows]
    Howdy everybody.

    Its come to my attention that many iPhone owners that uses Windows to manage there iPhone's are currently having problems with jailbreaking there iPhones. The main reason I posting this forum thread is because many of you have the issue that Quickpwn stays idle after the phone has been booted in Recovery Mode (I am not talking about DFU mode to confuse people here).

    So, to come to the points, here is a short guide to help you guys out with this problem.
    Quickpwn on Windows:
    (Based on idle jailbreaking after booting into recovery mode)
    Author: iMuzzy <[email protected]> <Apple & iPhone News | Forums |>
    Quickpwn 2.2.5-2
    This is needed to follow the current tutorial

    If your not sure what version of iTunes you have installed, then please go to iTunes, press on Help in the menu bar and then Press About iTunes, The version should appear. Upgrade if needed. The current version is
    iPhone 3G
    Simlocked free iPhone 3G (8GB or 16GB)

    There might be some mis-understand in this tutorial so i'll explain why;

    My iPhone is shipped from Italia (I tracked my serial number on the mac website and the website told me it came from there). These iPhone's are not sim-locked and can carry any carrier you want without using third-party injection tools (We refer here to the dev team and others or vs others) like Yellowsn0w, ect, ect. More about the sim-lock later in this post.
    If you are ready and downloaded the Quickpwn from one of the mirrors in this post we will continue to the next step.

    SEVERE WARNING: Do nothing that this tutorial doesn't say, Please follow this tutorial.
    Step 1:

    Connect your iPhone to your computer and Open iTunes.

    We do not want to lose our data on our mobile so we first make a new backup. This is how you create a backup:

    When iTunes is done, follow the next step, The next step is restore your iPhone to a clean installation:

    This might take some time as we see:

    When we're done we'll not restore the backup but use a clean one!

    Then we close iTunes and open up Quickpwn. Follow the Quickpwn tutorial in the software and it should jailbreak your iPhone.

    Next thing to do is restore your backup, by going back to the menu (Right click on the iPhone on the left in iTunes and press Restore Backup).
    I hoped this helps you and if you got any questions, Search the forums and if not found, then post a topic to get help.

    - iMuzzly

    Automerged Doublepost: I had areally one Private Message that this tutorial didn't work. If this tutorial does not work, enable the follow and try this tutorial agian:

    Go to Start > Run > Type 'services.msc' and enable the follow services.

    - Terminal Services
    - Messenging
    - Telnet

    Now Quickpwn should work.
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    iPhone 3G (2.2.1) (Jailbroken)


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    Thanks. However, I found (after much aggravating research) the following:

    A. Jailbreaking will always work (with QuickPwn 225-2 on 2.2.1).
    B. Unlocking (on 1st gen): If you've never used your iPhone on the official carrier (AT&T) then you can just unlock it with QuickPwn, no problem.
    C. Unlocking (on 1st gen): If you have been using AT&T on your iPhone with iTunes till now then you must do the following:
    1. Remove current SIM card. (So that iTunes wouldn't activate it after step 2)
    2. shift-click on "check for updates" in iTunes and re-update to 2.2.1. (or, if you're on an older firmware then update to 2.2.1 now)
    3. As soon as it's finished updating, close iTunes and end any proccess assosiated with apple and itunes.
    4. Insert SIM card that you wish to use on iPhone. Then Run QuicikPwn to unlock.

    I found that if you've already updated to 2.2.1 and your iTunes authorized and activated the AT&T service to your iPhone, then the unlocking would not work, therefor point 2 is very necessary to - I guess - put the iPhone in a pre-activated state. But if you would have the original AT&T sim card inserted and connect your iPhone to iTunes before QuickPwning it, the unlock would not work.

    I see a lot of people mention to restore the iPhone to factory settings; I have found that not to be necessary if you follow my steps. Let me know otherwise.

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    Default Jailbrake 2.2.1 with 02.30.03
    Hello !

    I have new 3G iphone with last the 2.2.1 software version and
    02.30.03 modem firmware.
    Can I use PWN 2.2.5 to jailbrake my iphone ??


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    Quote Originally Posted by saldun22 View Post
    Hello !

    I have new 3G iphone with last the 2.2.1 software version and
    02.30.03 modem firmware.
    Can I use PWN 2.2.5 to jailbrake my iphone ??

    Yes you ca, but is your iPhone sim-locked?
    iPhone 3G (2.2.1) (Jailbroken)


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    Default jailbrake 2.2.1 / 02.30.93
    Yes,SIM locked.
    I have Turbo sim for(if)unlocking

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    Default how to unlock iphone 3g
    i need help unlocking my phone. i bought that gevey sim card but its not much of a help cuz i have to keep calling tmobile to reset my internet. so as of right now i have no internet and tmobile said i reach my limit to reset and they are afraid its going to mess up my phone. i was able to jail break it but thats about it. can anyone please help me. my phone is useless without internet

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