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Thread: Unlock to another AT&T or only to another carrier?

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    Default [SOLVED] Unlock to another AT&T or only to another carrier?
    Hi, quick question (hopefully quick answer too ) when I unlock my (originally AT&T) 2G iPhone (on 2.2.1.) with QuickPwn, does it only allow me to use other carriers (like t-mobile, O2 etc...) or could I even use other (non iphone) AT&T sim cards?

    (I'm asking because I tried unlocking my iPhone with another AT&T sim inside, and it just brought me to the "Dial emergency number" pad.... so is that normal?)

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    1. yes the unlock will work with other sim cards
    2. no that's not normal. Try restarting you iPhone. If that doesn't work then you may need to do it over.

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    Thanks Broomhead for your fast reply.

    I suspected so.

    But I even tried doing the QuickPwn over again, just checking "Unlock" and the results didn't change (emergency dial pad). I believe I did correct since I do have the Cydia and installer apps... is there anything you can advise?

    Thanks a ton!

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    how do you know if cydia or installer is there? Does this message only come up when you access the phone app? if so then try inserting a sim card.

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    Well, I was able to access the iPhone apps with the original AT&T sim card, so I noticed that Cydia and installer were there and I was able to access them. Only when I tried my friends sim card (to test if it was unlocked) that's when I only got the emergency dial pad, and a message about inserting the wrong sim card... and I did have my friend's sim card inserted at the time of Pawnage...

    Any advise is really appreciated.
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    Default Solution
    After much research I've discovered my problem, and I'm sure others have the same: If you've been using AT&T before you've decided to unlock it then the unlocking will not work unless you do follow this step:
    • Remove current SIM card (leave it empty, so that you can still access iTunes) then re-update to 2.2.1 (shift-click "check for updates" and navigate to the firmware), now close itunes and all apple / iTunes related processes. Run QuickPwn with the SIM card you wish to use inserted.

    The secret behind this from what I understand, is that since your iPhone is associated with the AT&T SIM card it won't unlock. Only by re-updating it, does it clear it's association and right away you can unlock it. If you were to insert the AT&T SIM card before unlocking and connect to iTunes, the unlock wouldn't work!

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