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Thread: No EDGE signal on 3G J/B iPhone

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    Unhappy No EDGE signal on 3G J/B iPhone
    I just need some advice...

    I have always had my 3G iPhone 16 gb jailbroken and had no issues whatsoever. Granted, everywhere that I was using my phone was in 3G coverage wherever I traveled.

    I have noticed over the last two weeks that I have been unable to connect voice calls over the EDGE network when I am out of 3G coverage. I can access data fine (including voicemail), but I cannot make or receive calls. My wife has a Centro on AT&T as well and she connects just fine, but I cannot. When she calls me, my phone goes directly to voicemail.

    I have attempted to turn off the 3G signal in my home area as well, and I do not receive calls on EDGE at all.

    Could this be a problem with the jailbreak? I want to stay jailbroken as I use intelliscreen, but I need to be able to receive calls all of the time in my travels. I am currently restoring my phone and seeing if that was the issue with signal loss. I am traveling to the same spot today, so we'll see how it works comparatively. BTW, my phone shows that I have signal (2-full bars) on EDGE, I just can't make or receive calls!

    I am running 2.2 firmware and used Quickpwn 2.2.5 to jailbreak.

    Any help/information/advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, guys!

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    edge is just your data connection

    it makes sense that you get edge when you are in a low coverage area

    look at the bars in the corner the next time

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    It doesn't matter if I have one bar or four. If I'm on EDGE, there's no voice calls. Data is fine, but no voice. I understand the difference between the network connections...I also fully understand what the "bars in the corner" mean. (rolls eyes)

    ...and I restored the phone to factory settings and still no voice over EDGE. Even went to AT&T to swap out sim card. Next step is to swap out phone at Apple.
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