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Thread: 2.2.1

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    Default 2.2.1
    yo im thinking about gettin a 8gb 2nd genereation iphone but i noticed it said 2.2.1 firmware already and i want to unlock so wil my phone still work or will it not work like others had trouble

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    as long as its not a 3G you will be fine

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    There is no software unlock for 2nd gen(3G)with 2.2.1 fw&2.30.03 baseband yet...

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    Please correct me if I am wrong...
    Are they
    1st generation= 2G 4gig and 8gig
    2nd generation= 2G 16gig?

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    1st gen:2G
    2nd gen:3G

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    Thanks dejawoo.

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    kindof technically it should be

    iphone and iphone 3g

    but whatever

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    ^ should be...........COOLEST PHONE EVER. LOL.

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    ^^^ We dont want to get to technical around these noobs

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    ^Ok, sorry....wont happen again, lol.

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    I restored the iPhone 2G via iTunes.
    I used QuickPWN and everything worked fine.
    After that I downloaded BootNeuter via Cydia.
    But when I click on i to open, the screen appears
    but BootNeuter is frozen.
    Any help for that?

    Thanks, have a nice Sunday!
    17 months old baby handles iPhone like a Pro:

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    For the noobs around:
    1G:It was based on a TDM voice infrastructure that built around class x switches and 64 kbps slots.It had data,but circuit switched over a 64Kpbs voice bearer.
    2G:It had the same switched TDM backbone,but added a true Data Bearer and a digital voice bearer.Data rates were still limited to the max 64kbps of a single time slot.
    2.5G:Added a packet bearer to the mix,still limited to 64kbps slots.
    3G:Changed the backbone slightly to allow a full T1 or E1 or J1 to be consumed by a data sub-scriber,but is still based on an ISDN style backboneYou have packet switched data,but its carried over a traditional TDM backbone also.There still a circuit voice backbone and while the data rates are high enough for VoIP,the latency of the data service is to great to base all of the "bearer services" on it,so you still have circuit voice,circuit data and packet data bearers.
    4G:It will utilize a packet infrastructure rather than a traditional telephone architecture.Services will be horizontally layered on top of a proper low latency,QoS enabled packet switch infrastructure.Gone will be the circuit voice and circuit data bearers.
    So "G" has more to do with the infra-structure and less to do with the data rates.The data rates over the air are driven by the organization of the infrastructure and other than that have little to do with what generation they are...

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