hallo folks,

my 1st sucessful sharing.
pls use quickpwn 2.5 on your 2G iphone. its really a no brainer. anyone can use it.

1- backup your data
2- upgrade your itune to 8
3- upgrade iphone firmware to latest via itune(of course it will be locked, but quickpwn will unlock it, dun worry), eg. from 1.14 -> 2.0 ->2.0.1->2.02->2.1
4- until u r on latest 2.1 firmware (locked of course)
5- powerdown your iphone n connect to quickqwn
6- follow the no brainer steps.
7- u r done !!!
8- syn with your itune to get everything back !


i've use ziphone, winpwn, sofar quickpwn 2.5 is most painless

singapore 2G iphone