i have to say that i tried this only on an official iphone with contract so i cant say that it works with the unofficial ones too

First of all u need iTunes 7.7.1
So if u have 8 uninstall it

now download xpwn

after unpacking it ... rename the folder to xpwn and put it on the C: drive

if u want to have the installer too download this package and put it into the xpwn\bundles folder


Now download the new FirmwareBundle Files for 2.1 and put it into the firmwarebundles folder
RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

Open a cmd prompt. (Windows Key+ r then type cmd <return>)


cd cxpwn <return>
c: <return>

You should now be in the Xpwn directory.

then use this command and wait until its finished
ipsw iPhone1,1_2.1_5F136_Restore.ipsw custom.ipsw -nowipe -s 600 -e "Phone Activation" bundles\Cydia.tar bundles\Installer.tar

THIS CMD IS FOR OFFICIAL IPHONES ONLY ... i didnt test the other ones sry about that

after your cfw is ready


itunespwn custom.ipsw

then kill all your the .exe who are linked to itunes

and type

idevice custom.ipsw m68ap

follow the instructions and after being in DFU mode restore your custom.ipsw via iTunes

After having restored your iphone install iTunes 8 and everything should work fine

If someone with a unofficial iPhone can test it as well with the other commands on XPWN! ... say it

Thx to xpwn and all the guys in the xpwn channel <3