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Thread: Question about firmware 2.1

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    Default Question about firmware 2.1
    I have a pwned 2g phone with 2.0 firmware. Which is best way to upgrade and will I still be be able to keep my appstore apps and third party apps instead of having to install them again.

    As far as I can seeI hace 2 choices.

    The first option means I will have to reinstall everything again:

    Use pwnage to create a custom firmware then restore in itunes 8, restoring would obviously wipe all my apps off and leave a clean phone.

    Or option 2 would be to use itunes 8 and upgrade using apples standard 2.1 firmware. The phone would still be unlocked and activated but not jailbroken any more. Then I use quickpwn to jailbreak it again. This means I will have all my apps on the phone still and not have to reinstall them.

    Is this correct?

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    If you are upgrading - this means Itunes (no matter what method you try) is going to load a new firmware version onto your phone. When it does this, EVERYTHING gets wiped. No way around it. You will have to redo everything.

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    Thanks, I could have sworn I read somewhere that someone kept all their apps on. I must have imagined it since I have never done this before.

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    You probably read an article about "quickpwn", which will allow you to "jailbreak" the iphone without losing anything.

    But anytime you want to change firmware gets wiped.

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    For future, check out 2 recent apps, both from BigBoss and Planet-iPhones, which go a long way toward helping out with this problem:

    First, AptBackup. This makes a list of all apps you installed via Cydia and allows a one-touch restore of all them at once, so after a firmware upgrade you can easily get all the old apps back.

    Then there's AppBackup which saves all the settings for App Store apps. True, App Store apps are saved when you sync with your machine, but not all of their *settings* and data! So when you restore your purchased apps now you can also restore their settings and you don't lose things like your 1Password data.

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    I have a question regarding backups..

    When I backup my jailbroken iphone and want to go back to a non-jailbroken stage... Can I restore my data from a jailbroken backup to a non-jailbroken stage like SMS, Notes, Email with out any problems? Or how can i backup my SMS's and notes database?


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