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Thread: JailBreak Iphone 2.1 and iphone 3g :)

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    Default JailBreak Iphone 2.1 and iphone 3g :)
    You must install iTunes 8 first, so if you don't have iTunes 8 download or update to it right now.

    If you're using an iPhone, you must download iPhone 2.1 firmware using the below link:

    If you're using an iPhone 3G, download iPhone 3G 2.1 firmware using the below link:

    1. Open iTunes 8, and update to iPhone firmware 2.1.

    2. After you're upgraded to firmware 2.1, uninstall iTunes 8.0, and install iTunes 7.7.* from the download link here:

    Download iTunes -

    3. Click --> Download QuickPWN iPhone 2.1 Jailbreak <--, or use any of these mirrors if this link doesn't work:
    Mirror 1, Mirror 2

    4. Run the QuickPWN-GUI.exe file and browse and select your iPhone 2.1 firmware.

    5. Follow the on-screen steps, choose Installer and Cydia.

    6. Once finished, your iPhone will reboot, but Installer and Cydia won't be visible.

    7. Download & Install DiskAid from here:

    8. Connect your iPhone via USB to your computer and launch the DiskAID program.

    9. When the DiskAid screen launches, you'll see a drop-down box on the bottom left that says "Media Folder". Click on it, and select "Root Folder" instead.

    10. You'll get a Root Partition message, just click ok!

    11. On the left side, scroll down and click the System folder. Now double-click the Library Folder. Scroll down and double-click the "PrivateFrameworks" folder.

    12. On the right side, scroll down and click on the MobileInstallation.framework folder.

    13. Select the MobileInstallation file, and click "Delete from Device".

    13. Download the new MobileInstallation patch from Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!

    14. In DiskAid, click "Copy File to Device", and select the MobileInstallation file you downloaded.

    15. After you've copied the MobileInstallation file, reboot your iPhone and you should see a jailbreaked iPhone 2.1 now! Enjoy.

    came from QuickPWN

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    thanks but we already have this
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    awesome thx, few questions
    1. With all the updating and uninstalling of iTunes will we have to redo everthing all over again? Ex: add music and video to iTunes? and will all apps will be removed and we have to redl them?
    2. or once we reinstall iTunes 7.7 it will be back to the way it was before?

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    Thank You that looks good but my question still stands unanswered. With all that uninstalling & installing will my iTunes be back to the way it is right now or I have to add all the music & video & apps all over again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cadsii View Post
    here is a dummy proof guide with 31 screenshots

    Guide - Jailbreak iPhone 2.1
    this method makes you use itunes7. is there any other way to jailbreak wiith tunes8?
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    it just to jailbreak it then you go back to 8 when your done

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    No need tu install Itunes 7. I did jailbreaked my 3G with Itunes8 installed and worked like a charm. Not once but twice to see if it's working. I recomand to use Total Comander with T-pot plugin instead of DiskAid.

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    nope not anymore

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    Hey Problem!!! At the mobile.Installation part I deleted the whole folder by mistake so I went and created the folder again and added the file but im still stuck at the boot screen can anything be done? Please reply to if you dont mind thank you I think all I need is to replace the mobile.Installation folder I think I would be in business if you could upload the files I am missing it would really help thanks again
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    i got a 1602 error while upgrading to firmware2.1 what does that mean how do i cure

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    can you just start over i dunno if the mobileinstalltion folder is the same for everyone

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    I'm struggling with this stage..........

    4. Run the QuickPWN-GUI.exe file and browse and select your iPhone 2.1 firmware.

    Where is it located??

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    ok i have a problem. i followed the instructions carefully. im stuck at the QuickPwn portion. after if have put the phone into DFU mode. and followed the easy instructions, The next step is to leave the phone alone for 10 mins. i'm stuck at a constant repeat of black screen with spinning wheel it doesnt' do anything else . it keeps on repeating itself. i tried to restart it. I started the process over but nothing. am i screwed.?

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