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Thread: dead after upgrade - help needed

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    Default dead after upgrade - help needed

    So I had my iphone running just the way I want it with firmware 1.1.4 ...I went away for the weekend and when I got back my brother had updated itunes (to 7.7) and had update iphone to firmware 2 (using itunes) , as expected , the phone died soon after it was updated...first i got the msg "Recovery mode , connect to itunes" and the phone was locked , after some unsuccessful attempts to go back to 1.1.4 with itunes (yes i went back to 7.5) now all i get on the phone is an apple logo with "itunes" under it and a usb cable picture...moving on , I went into DFU and made a custom IPSW for 2.0.2 and tried to upgrade using winpwn-2.5 , i get to the part when it should detect my iphone and go into DFU mode and it gets stuck cann't detect my iphone going into DFU (although i'm 100% i'm DFU this isn't the first time i manually go into DFU) ...i then tried QuickPwnRC3 , it gets stuck when it says "connect ur iphone into USB" , i connect it but nothing happens...
    i tried going into DFU mode and then open itunes to downgrade to 1.1.4 but itunes gets stuck on "Waiting for iPod" !! YES it says iPOD and NOT iPhone !! WTF ??? no matter what i do itunes gets stuck with this msg !!

    i tried other USB cables and other USB Ports that didn't help ...

    please any help would be appreciated, basically the phone is dead now and I don't know what to do !!!

    UPDATE :
    after hours of googling and trying to get the iphone working , I've managed to get my iphone running with apple's FW 2.0.2 , I had to use a new method to get the phone into DFU mode (apparently the new FW requires a different approach to get into DFU)
    I used the iTunes 8 with the newest Apple Mobile Device Driver , the first time I went into DFU and tried to restore via iTunes , iTunes got stuck on "Waiting for iPOD" (YES iPOD!!) after a couple of trials , i got to work (by mistake !!) , i went into DFU , then started iTunes , it got stuck on "Waiting for iPOD" , i opened up task manager and closed itunes.exe , then i re-opened it and this time it opened and it detected iPhone and said it needed restore , i shif.t-clicked restore and choose apple's 2.0.2 FW , it got to "Preparing iphone for restore" and the iphone's screen was all white then i got a 1061 error msg !! so again i opened task manager and closed itunes.exe , i re-opened it , shif.t-clicked restore and choose apple's 2.0.2 FW and what do u know , it restored to 2.0.2 !!!

    the only problem now is that i have a locked phone and i can't unlock/jailbreak it since none of the apps (winpwn/quickpwn/ziphone etc..) support the new Apple Mobile Device Driver (i believe its version 4) , they all say "Unsupported .DLL " i forgot the actual file name ...
    does anyone know of a way to fix this ? or should i just wait for the dev-team to update winpwn to support itunes 8 ??
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    if you need it right off, delete itunes 8.0 and all other apple programmes. then install itunes

    now open winpwn 2.5 and create a custom 2.0.2 firmware using the builder.

    then shift+restore your iphone to the custom firmware in itunes


    wait for the pwnage tools to be updated to support the new firmware (2.1) and itunes 8.
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    thx reeko , i'll give it a go today

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    well going back to didn't make any difference , the phone still wouldn't accept custom FW ...I just noticed that the dev-team released the new tools for 2.1 FW for MAC ...i'll just wait for Windows versions to come out

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