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Thread: bootloader interrupted now 1604 error. please help

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    Default bootloader interrupted now 1604 error. please help
    So my original 2g iphone died the other day. I got it last year for christmas, and i hactivated it with independence. I never got a contract, and was using the phone as an ipod touch on steriods. Anyway, after it died the other day, I took it back and got it replaced under warranty. Of course, the new phone would have to be hacked again. This time out, I thought I'd try pwnage 2.0, since it seems to get pretty good reviews. A coworker recommended it to me.

    Tonight, i downloaded all the correct files, including the latest and greatest version of pwnage, and firmware 2.0.2. I began the process. Everything was going incredibly, incredibly well. The hack was almost done, and was displaying a blue box saying something to the effect of "installing bootloaders. do not interrupt." figuring i had time to kill, i got up to go to the bathroom, and snagged the USB cord in the process. You know where this is going...the iphone came unplugged from the computer, and everything came undone.

    Now, when i turn on the device, i get the pineapple, which lasts a few seconds then it goes to a cartoony picture of steve-o with a speech bubble saying something in what looks like Russian. After this, it will go no further. My restore attempts have been met with the same response: Error 1604!

    I've deleted and reinstalled itunes. I've tried restoring from the custom .ipsw file i made in pwnage as well as using the freshly downloaded apple version of 2.0.2. I've tried to do this with and without the sim card. I've been reading and reading and reading for the past few hours, but haven't found anybody with quite this problem.

    Can anybody help me? Is my phone nothing more than a sexy, shiny, paperweight, or can I fix this? What if I tried borrowing a friend's PC? would i have better luck running some of the PC software?

    Please HELP!!!
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    try to winpwn using the 2.5 version at - iPhone News & Review
    Use the expert mode

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    also worth mentioning is that i don't know if I'm getting into DFU mode correctly. The nature of the current crash is such that I can't ever get the red slider to power down the phone. The only way I can power down the phone is to hold home and power until the screen goes black.

    At that point, if I continue to hold the power and home buttons for 10 seconds, it will cycle on and off at least once. After 10 seconds, when I let go of the power button and continue to hold the home button, itunes will recognize it as a phone in recovery mode, but i'm not sure if i'm actually in DFU or just the normal recovery mode.

    Quote Originally Posted by dansan8991 View Post
    try to winpwn using the 2.5 version at - iPhone News & Review
    Use the expert mode
    anything in particular i should configure when using the expert mode?
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    Sorry but if the bootloader flash was disturbed its 99.99% chance its bricked.

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    If iTunes recognizes his phone, he might try restoring to stock form. Even without an account he can at least get to the emergency calls only screen THEN he could try to restore the custom firmware and try again.

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    some one please help with this, as I also have the same problem,

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    no just that If ur using other than AT&T then activate the bootloader so make sure u say yes to that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhz1 View Post
    If iTunes recognizes his phone, he might try restoring to stock form. Even without an account he can at least get to the emergency calls only screen THEN he could try to restore the custom firmware and try again.
    Tried that. I can't get it to work. Tried a straight-up restore using windows itunes, too. Nada. Looks like I may have myself a brick, but I'm going to keep futzing with it.

    The one thing that gives me hope is that sometimes it'll begin the restore and make it quite a ways. the screen will go white just like it does during a real restore, and it'll chug through a good long way.

    If I got it back on a windows system, do you think something like ibrikr would help this sort of thing?

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    Put it into dfu mode before u restore it and restore it using winpwn 2.5 it will actually show u the screen of winpwn on ur iPhone and tell u that it's ready for restore with iTunes! Then it should all work out becoz it also makes a custom ispw file for ur phone

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    Maybe this Sunday I'll try that. I should have access to a PC and enough free time to muck about with this on Sunday. Hopefully that will work. I hope I can put the thing into DFU mode properly...

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    post how it goes, as i gave my iphone to a repair facitlity for unlocked/modded phones and i havent heard back to him after three days!

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    Did the exact same thing! Here:

    1. Downgrade to iTunes 7.5(seriously)

    2. Download firmware 1.1.4(tried every other firmware available, only this one worked. Also, when experiencing this error, dont use a custom firmware to restore; we are just trying to get your phone to boot) Download here: IPhone Firmware Download Links - ModMyI - Wiki

    3. Restore with iTunes.

    4. Upgrade iTunes(too f'n long!)

    5. Use quickpwn with 2.0.2, as the new version of iTunes will not allow you to restore with a custom .ipsw (unless you have a version of 7.7 lyin' around...wish i did , then winpwn would do just fine!)

    Hope I Helped! Good Luck!

    Edit: In terms of DFU Mode, you know you did it correctly if your screen is blank and iTunes recognizes it! Also, using Quickpwn, the program walks you through it! Pretty fail safe!
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    Hello I'm marcel and I hope I can be of help

    Ok this is how u get rid of the errors 160X
    Its works 100%, I was like you all upgreaded
    to firmware 2.01 and got stuck with error 1604.
    Was tolds to chnage my itune or upgread then i got
    error 1601, 1602 etc.the different errors just
    means its a different eg: 7.4 or 7.5 0r 7.7 etc.
    with this eazy solution u can finaly upgread to
    firmware 2.01.

    from Control Panel program and feature

    1) Uninstall itunes no matter which one u got.

    2) Uninstall apple mobile device support

    3) Install itune 7.7

    4) YOU ARE FINISHED AND U CAN USE WinPwn and then restore with itunes 7.7

    The Real FIX for the errors 1601/2/3/4 e.t.c is by uninstaling the
    apple mobile device support.This was where the problem was.
    It worked well on my 2G Iphone.
    If I have been of any help to you PLEASE let me know.


    1) WinPwn 2.0 IS : Jailbreaks your 2.0 iPhone/iPod Touch/iPhone 3G.

    2) WinPwn : This version supports firmware 2.0.1

    3) WinPwn 2.5 Beta : The popular WinPwn app with firmware 2.0.2 support and other nifty stuff.

    4) QuickPwn 2.1 Windows GUI : Jailbreak your 2.1 iPhone.

    5) QuickPwn21-1 QuickPwn support (2.0/2.0.1/2.0.2)
    DFU helper
    Automatic updater (yay no more downloading new installer
    Plus much more....
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