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Thread: Jailbreak and Unlock 2.x on Windows

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Awesome thank you!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Default so this is for windows xp
    hey so when ur in dfu mode y do some say hold power home for ten then home till opos up on itunes is that wrong????

    where do i start to dwn load pwnge n get to set up cuz i c whole bunch ppl have failures wit wnpwn n that it creates a custom file that u dnt want...IS that right?????????

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    u won't have any troubled if u use winpwn 2.5 in expert mode! From - iPhone News & Review

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    it unlocked and activated my phone, and the phone itself and the music and stuff works great.....but i dont think it jailbroke.....i cannot get it to work with anything to customizze my iphone. anyone else having this problem...any ideas what to do about it??

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    did it ask u to install cydia and installer? Becoz if u used winpwn. 2.5 it should have installed cydia and installer!

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    WinPwn keeps encountering a problem at the end of the process and I have to hit the "Don't Send" in the inconvenience report.
    What's the deal?

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    ahhh I'm having the same problem...

    using windowsvista..

    on 1.1.4 FM unlocked and using AT&T

    after reboot i get a windows dialog that tells me to debug or close program



    well even though the program froze at the end...i went ahead anyway and installed the custom firmware..

    everything went well besides a lockup towards the end..

    everything turned out to be alright..woohoo

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    im on 2.0.2. w/ att .. still cant get anything to work.. wut else is new these programs are too unreliable

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    i have a new out of the box IPhone, from the USA, and when i press the power button it gives me the CONNECT TO ITUNES screen with a message saying "NO SIM CARD INSTALLED - insert an unlocked and valid SIM to activate IPhone"

    i guess this means it has not been been jailbroken/unlocked and activated right? which means i need to pwn it so i can use it outside the USA???

    the normal method described above should work fine and easy for me? or do i have to go through a different method?

    small question, can i do the above with itunes 8 or do i have to re--install 7.5???

    My other old IPhone i had was already unlocked when i got it, so this is something totally new to me ... your help is highly appreciated here.

    thanks again.
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    Default WinPwn Error
    I am also getting an error when it goes to PWN the phone after going to DFU mode. WinPWN stops responding. I am using Vista and WinPWN 2.5 beta.

    Any support would be greatly appreciated!

    thank you

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    Default Can't get past step 12
    It can't pwn my device but i followed the instructions and have my phone turned OFF and plugged into my computer I don't know what else to do!

    Starting Pwnage!
    Getting iPhone/iPod status...
    idevice/windows.c:LoadWindowsDLL:234: failed to load AMRecoveryModeDeviceSetAutoBoot
    Failed to load iTunes Mobile Device driver!
    Pwnage finished, cleanup return:-100
    I never got the "ok" for ready to pwn!

    I cannot get past step 12!!!

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    just got the same problem as you guys above me, and i think i bricked my iphone .. please help us.

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    I could went through DFU mode by following the steps mentioned above.. But there Winpawn 2.5 error outs and stopped working on my vista OS. Any clue...

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    did u use the expert mode?

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    dansan8991, it seems that winpwn 2.5 with vista sp1 is alwasy crashing on many cmoputers.

    i simply restored my phone with 2.1 in itunes (normal real restore) and used quickpwn ... i know i lost evefrything, so MEH better

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    I have windows vista and winpwn 2.5 worked perfect on mine
    Maybe it crashed on some but quickpwn nvr worked for me... And congrats for making it work!

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    Default Excellent Instructions
    All I can say is, Superb. Followed the instructions and after I correected my finger trouble at pointing to the downloaded update file instaed of the modified one, All Perfect.
    Mine is a 1 year old 16 Gig bought in the states, now using vodafone and China Unicom sims.
    Thanks a lot!!!

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    Hi Sayam i did everything above after i pwned my phone i tried to restore to firmware 2.0 that didnt work and then firmware 2.0.2 and still came back with the message "The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not seem to be supported" please help or any suggestions

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    try winpwn 2.5 not quickpwn

    and neuter ur phone
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    Thanks! Worked perfectly, t-zones, youtube all working.

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