After I upgraded the fw from unlocked/jb'd 1.1.3 and installed Pwnage, everything works fine, except:

[1] Music doesn't play on my car stereo anymore. Before, when I plug the iPhone to the car stereo, audio played on the car stereo only but not on the iPhone. Now, audio only plays on the iPhone but not on the car stereo. I've looked everywhere in Settings but can't find anything that even remotely relates to audio routing.

[2] I notice the battery loses juice much more quickly. I'd estimate maybe 30% faster. I used to last a whole day playing music and games for about 3-4 hours and making minimal number of calls and SMS. Now, just playing 30 minutes of music and one hour of Lexitron and the battery goes from 100% to under 50.

Anyone else experience these? Any fix for [1]?