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    im on a mac and i have an unlocked and jailbroken iphone and im trying to update it to 2.0.2. But everytime i run pwnage, i follow along with the guide that is posted on here and mine never asks me for those bootloader files. it just starts building the ipsw. does this matter? i just dont want to go through with the process and not have my phone unlocked.

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    Once you place the bootloader files in the proper place, it wont ask for them again.

    As long as your doing what your supposed to (following the directions), you should be fine.

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    what do you mean by placing the bootloader files in the proper place? they are in the bootloaders folder in my downloads folder along with the pwnage tool but it has never asked me to do anything with them.

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    From my experience with pwnage, it asks you to locate the bootloader files the first time you run it. (Not letting you proceed otherwise.)

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    to the OP: this is my first time using pwnage tool and i thought too that it was going to ask me if i DLd the bootloaders, but it didnt. i just continued on with the build, installed the custom made ipsw and it was done. the only prob i had was i forgot to uncheck the "activate phone" part, which i did uncheck on the second time around and it works. everything works now. i had my bootloader folder on my desktop when i did it and it went fine.

    OLD INFO I forgot where to get this again. Link?

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    the strange thing is that it has never (not even the first time around) asked me to locate my bootloader files.

    bluaeon, is your iphone unlocked as well?
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    no, i did not choose to unlock my phone. its only jailbreak. im on AT&T. also, the first time i did pwnage tool too, it did not ask me to locate the bootloaders. i believe it searches itself when you have it if you downloaded it or not. just make sure to UNCHECK the "activate" part on the general settings if you are on ATT. and if you want it unlocked, keep the "unlock baseband" checked, if not uncheck it. hope all works out for yah.

    OLD INFO I forgot where to get this again. Link?

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