Well here is my story.. I have an ipodtouch and an iphone.. My ipod running 2.0.1 jailbroken.. My iphone is on 1.1.4 unlock jailbroken. So the first time i tired jailbreaking my ipod i used winpwn. did the built an ispw or whatever, blah blah blah right. then i did the pwn itunes. put the ipod in dfu and tired restoring with the custom firmware. and i got error 1601. THen i tired again i got error 1602. then i did it again and got error 6. and i was using my father's computer not mine which was the first where i first jailbroke my ipod and my phone. So i said to myself well it might have something to do with the computer first sync with it.. so i could jailbreak my ipod with winpwn.. pretty stupid then this new thing quickpwn came out and i used to jailbreak my ipod. Now i want to jailbreak my iphone but i'm scared that it's not goign to work and get some kind of stupid error like 1601 or 1602. I mean my cousin already tired it and he knows all about this crap and he got the same errors so what do i do.