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Thread: [Downgrade Question] - Downgrading from Pwned 2.0.1 to Custom Pwned firmware 1.1.4???

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    Default [Downgrade Question] - Downgrading from Pwned 2.0.1 to Custom Pwned firmware 1.1.4???
    I have read most of the older guides about downgrading from 2.0 to 1.1.4, but they were mostly about upgrading to 2.0 by accident, before Pwntool, etc...

    I am trying to understand what I need to downgrade a 2.0.1 Pwnage device to the custom file I made via pwnatool for 1.1.4.

    1} Do you still need to downgrade iTunes to 7.5?
    2} Do you still need to erase the baseband and downgrade it?

    Given the phone is already pwned, could I not just SHIFT-RESTORE to the 1.1.4 image?
    If the above helps, a 'thanks' is always nice

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    I think theres some change in the baseband or bootloader which makes it not possible to do that. Hoops need to be leapt through. I would drop back, too, if it were easy.

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    I ended up doing it., (downgrade from 2.1 to 1.1.4)

    I did downgrade iTunes (actually installed on another machine to version 7.5) (not sure if you have too), but trying a restore or DFU, of a pwned image of 1.1.4 that I had, would get error -10 in iTunes. Restoring to a REAL firmware 1.1.4 would get error 150x which you are supposed to get. The phone will be locked at recovery mode at that point, but you can use iLiberity to kick out of recovery mode. Since my pwn image wasn't working I just kept using iLiberity to jailbreak it.

    I didn't have to do anything special for the baseband... infact it might actually still be the 2.1 baseband cause I didn't unlock it and it was unlocked. Actually I have to confirm that by checking the version so don't quote me on it...

    Man, it is quiet staggering HOW MUCH FASTER 1.x.x was over 2.x.x, I had forgotten...
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    If the above helps, a 'thanks' is always nice

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