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Thread: [How-To] Upgrade to 2.0.2 for Macuser with VMWare Fusion

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    Default [How-To] Upgrade to 2.0.2 with VMWare Fusion or Parallels & QuickPWN

    Here my self tested guide for upgrading an already pwned iPhone 2G or iPod Touch (unlocked and / or jailbreaked 2.0.1) to 2.0.2 with VMWare Fusion or Parallels / XP and QuickPWN. If QuickPWN won't start or initialize you need to install the .Net Framework from Microsoft.


    1. Start iTunes
    2. Connect your iPhone in normal Mode with the USB cable to your Mac
    3. Upgrade with iTunes to FW 2.0.2
    4. After it has finished, your iPhone displays an emergency call screen, this is OK. You can see, that you have a carrier-signal.
    5. Close iTunes
    6. Open the Activity Monitor and kill all processes which belong to iTunes and the iPhone


    7. Start VMWare Fusion or Parallels
    8. Open Task Manager to kill all tasks belong to iTunes and the iPhone
    9. Start QuickPWN
    10. Walk through the guide (Very easy)
    11. A second window opens and will help you to get your iPhone into DFU mode
    12. Now the process starts, but stops after a few seconds and displays: "Performing Operation 0, 100% done"
    13. Unplug your iPhone from the USB Cable
    14. Replug your iPhone to the USB cable
    15. The process will go ahead for a few minutes, until it has finished.
    16. You can unplug your iPhone. It is unlocked and jailbreaked.

    Sorry about my worse english.

    Best wishes, Birke
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    Hi, thanks for the guide, just a question. After upgraded to 2.0.2 on itunes which firmware Quickpwn needs to do it's operation? (after selecting the iphone it asks for firmware)

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    You will need the original unmodified 2.0.2 firmware, if you have installed 2.0.1 on your iPhone.

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    This process also works great with Parallels

    Thanks for the info...

    PS This method also works with an iPod too.
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    Thank you for the info, CyberGreg! I' ve updated my post and added your info.

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    Why does it say "application failed to initialize properly" every time I try QuickPWN in Parallels? can't get it to work.

    Please help!

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    You have to install the .Net-framework from Microsoft.

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    Worked a treat from me, Thanks given Birke!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birke View Post
    You have to install the .Net-framework from Microsoft.
    Thanks! It works!

    EDIT: QuickPWN runs, but can't seem to get it to work. Might just wait for the OSX version as I suspect it has something to do with USB and iPhone.
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    Will this also work with a jailbroken 2.0.1 iPhone 3G as well? (I'd only like to have a jailbroken 2.0.2 iPhone 3G... no unlock is needed since I'm an AT&T customer.)


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