here is the deal, i have a 1.1.4 Ziphoned Iphone, and i wish to go to 2.0.1 using winpwn.

i did everything that is stated in this forum and on the main site of the winpwn team. i have included all files and have the 2.0.1 firmware downloaded from this forum.

i start to build my firmware and i added Cydia + Installer 2.0 + Activate Youtube ====== result: the winpwn closed RIGHT after installer was unpacked into the custom firmware.

so i restarted winpwn and did some trials and errors and found that winpwn only works when i have Cydia + youtube (not including the Installer 2.0 checked).

this sucks as iam more into the installer than Cydia, and i want to know if there is a solution here? if not can i get everything from Cydia as i did form the installer?

i have windows Vista Home Premium SP1 (Licensed and not cracked )

anyone faced this before?