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Thread: Poor Signal since 2.0.1

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    Default Poor Signal since 2.0.1
    I got a brand new 2G from T-Mobil and did the unlock and jailbreak with PWNAGE 2.02 / FW 2.0.1.

    Since then the carrier signal is very poor with my prepaid card. I took my old 2G and did the same procedure but have same poor carrier signal. With poor I mean 0-2 Bars. If I open the settings, the bars grow up to 4/5 bars until I close the settings.

    So this poor signal quality is confirmed on both of my 2Gs with different carriers. If I put these SIMs in an SE K 800i I have full 5 bars. With 1.1.4 the signal quality was much more better!

    Any idea what causes the poor signal after pwn?

    Best wishes, Birke

    Another thing to mention:

    If I activate the airplane mode and switch back to normal mode the signal strength is perfect. It has full 5 bars. But after aprox. 1-2 minutes the signal strength decreases to 1-2 bars and will stay with this poor signal.

    If I do the game with the airplane mode again, it will have again full 5 bars until the 1-2 minutes are over and it decreases again to 1-2 bars.

    This is on both of my 2Gs! This happen with different carriers / SIM-cards. Other phones like my K800i has always full 5 bars. Every time.

    I think it is only a software problem.
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    I got the same problem w/ 2.0..
    I shoulda stayed with 1.1.4
    because i lose my signal so much and when i try to call it, it's as if my line is busy(WTF)??

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    Yes, thats the same problem I have with two iPhones 2G.

    Starting some applications affect the signal strength. If I start the settings app the signal strength will increase, until I close it. Same with Safari: If I start Safari the signal strength decrease until I close it.

    Often it is losing the signal completely, but a few seconds later I have full bars without moving the iPhone. The bars act like an equalizer: 2 ... 5 ... 1 ... 0 ... 4 bars without moving the iPhone.

    I will go back to 1.1.4 today and will use ZiPhone to unlock, because I had never problems with ZiPhone. Since I use PWNAGE I have only problems.
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