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Thread: About restoring to un-jailbroken on the 3G

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    Default About restoring to un-jailbroken on the 3G
    Hi I'm new to this, and have been looking around for a clear answer and haven't been able to find one in the wiki or old posts...

    I had a brand new 3G iPhone with 2.0 FW, jailbroke it to 2.0.1, and now I want to bring it back to regular 2.0. Does just clicking restore in iTunes actually restore it to 2.0? I would assume it would restore it to factory settings, but with 2.0.1, since it's the current FW... yes? no?

    I was thinking that to restore it to 2.0 I'd have to DL the 2.0 FW, and pwn iTunes and do the shift+restore thing to trick it into restoring with original 2.0 FW..?

    How right/wrong am I on this?

    ALSO, the reason I'm needing to do this is because after jailbreaking I'm not getting any phone service, which I know is a common problem people are having because they pwned with the "Activate Phone" box checked. Mine, however, was unchecked. I heard another thing you need to uncheck is the YouTube fix (which I didn't), but I heard that was only if you're AT&T. I'm on Rogers... could this be my issue then? any rogers customers know for sure? ALSO, I checked the "No Wipe" box... could that have caused my problem? I wasn't totally sure what the box was for, I just assumed that it would save some things on my phone from being wiped...

    Sorry for the barrage of questions, but any help would be really appreciated!

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    when i pwned my att iphone all i did was uncheck the activation and youtube fix and i didnt get a signal for a few minutes. the trick is to let it pick up or enter airplan mode and exit a few times to get it to pick up.
    in order to restore to a stock 2.0 just download the f/w and then shift+click like if you were to use the pwned f/w. itll be stock and back to normal
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    You need to untick the youtube fix on rogers too. I don't know for sure, but common sense dictates that if its gonna work anyways, there's no need for a fix.

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