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Thread: error 6- help appreciated!

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    Default error 6- help appreciated!
    hi, I am very new at this. I followed all the directions on a guide and I got up to the part where you restore the iPhone. Everything runs according to the guide, but in the end, I get error 6.

    Much thanks in advance to everyone who can help!

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    What firmware are you jailbreaking? What program are you using to jailbreak?
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    I am using winpwn2.0.0.4

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    Did you make sure to pwn iTunes before restoring to the custom firmware?
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    yea I get a pop up saying iTunes has been pawned.

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    Are you absolutely positive you are in DFU restore mode? Screen is completely black?
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    I press power and home button, wait for sound, release power, wait for sound, and then release home.

    can you give me the link to the correct guide, just in case the one I used is outdated?
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    Hold both the home + sleep/wake button for 10 seconds. Then release the sleep/wake button while still holding the home button. When you hear iTunes recognize your phone in recovery then let go of the home button.
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    Ok i jailbroke my 3G on the first try. i followed the bigboss tutorial, i would post link but cant find it. this is what i did different then the time i tried about a week ago and got the error from itunes.
    when i clicked on IPSW Builder and clicked on the propper firmware. the IPSW builder window poppep up.
    on APPLICATIONS i checked Cydia, and Installer 2.0. on CUSTOM IMAGES you check what you want. on CUSTOM PAYLOAD i left it unchecked and did nothing to that.
    on ADVANCED i unchecked Activate Phone and left everything Unchecked (if you are activated with AT&T then you have to leave everything unchecked)
    now on PARTITION RESIZER i set it to 550MB..
    then i clicked on Build .ipsw--
    after it finished building it i clicked on iPwner and iTunes shut off then you get a message saying pwn successful.. or something like that. then i Set my phone on DFU mode.
    pressed Shift+Restore and clicked on the propper CUSTOM FIRMWARE that i just made.
    and i let iTunes do its thing.
    came back about 20 minutes and BAMN!!!!!!!! 3G pwned.

    Hope this helps. and good luck!!
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    I am not an AT&T user, what should I do different?

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    IF you are not an ATT customer on the advanced tab do the following. You need to check activate phone, enable baseband update, neuter bootloader 3.9/4.6 and unlock baseband. Make sure on the partition re sizer tab you re size your partition to 550 - 600

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    concentrate on DFU mode.that is very important.i had the same problem.

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    DFU- I just follow this right?:

    Hold both the home + sleep/wake button for 10 seconds. Then release the sleep/wake button while still holding the home button. When you hear iTunes recognize your phone in recovery then let go of the home button.

    Is there something I am missing?

    when do you do the DFU thing? when the iphone is on/off? I am not AT&T so when my iphone is on, it has an image telling me to connect to itunes.
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    Power phone off first... then do the DFU steps.

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    wait, there are two. Which one do I follow?

    Sorry, I have tried many times, but it is not working.

    Thanks! I fixed it by setting the partition to 1000mb
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    Default Partition Size
    I hasnt been 100% said but here it is - its not the DFU vs Recovery or what installer you add. Its the partion size. I have tested this many ways and 550/1000 mb work fine in both modes and different installers but 600 does not. I have tested other combinations and its for sure the partition size.

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    I don't know if that is absolutely true. My firmware is set at 599 mb and I have restored with the same custom firmware over 10 times.

    BTW. I haven't restored a bunch of times becuase of problems. It has worked 100% with the same firmware over and over. I've restored for other reasons such as changing boot logos and cleaning my phone to beta test applications.
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    I was getting error 6 as well in iTunes. and now upgraded to 2.01 with winpwn 2.0.4

    I also have successfully upgraded to 2.01 by setting the partition size to 1000mb.

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    error 6 seems to be a problem everyone has here or has me by the balls right now..I will try the partition size

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