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Thread: Is my Iphone Dead for good?? (error 1604)

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    Default Is my Iphone Dead for good?? (error 1604)
    hey I am new to this

    I have an Iphone with FW 1.1.4 jailbroked, Unlock and Activate.
    Then I wanted to upgrade to FW 2.0.1, With Winpwn 2.0.4 and installer 4, BUT that didn't turn out so well, I got an Error 6, that i removed using a new Custom FW with Cydia
    my iphone starting up it then begins to Flash the Bootloader and then it Crashes now i got an error 1604.
    I attempted to recreate it using Itunes restore. But I STILL recieve the Error 1604

    I've tried Recovery Mode and (DFU-mode Black Screen) But I still recieve the Error 1604
    Every time I've run a Restore, I get an Error 1604, My Phone get's the Apple Logo it remains there with a wheel at the bottom for hours.

    i try to partition sizer 500 - 1000
    i try to reinstall iTunes 7.7.1
    i try reinstall Winpwn 2.0.4 - 2.0.3 - 2.0.2
    i try other computers XP, Vista

    Now I get the Error (1604) every thing I try, what do I do?

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    Make sure after you create the custom .ipsw, you pawn Itunes (iPwner button), if you dont you will get that error.

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    make sure you are in DFU mode and not connect to itunes screen.
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    Ok i jailbroke my 3G on the first try with winpwn i followed the bigboss tutorial, i would post link but cant find it. this is what i did different then the time i tried about a week ago and got the error from itunes.
    when i clicked on IPSW Builder and clicked on the propper firmware. the IPSW builder window poppep up.
    on APPLICATIONS i checked Cydia, and Installer 2.0. on CUSTOM IMAGES you check what you want. on CUSTOM PAYLOAD i left it unchecked and did nothing to that.
    on ADVANCED i unchecked Activate Phone and left everything Unchecked (if you are activated with AT&T then you have to leave everything unchecked)
    now on PARTITION RESIZER i set it to 550MB..
    then i clicked on Build .ipsw--
    after it finished building it i clicked on iPwner and iTunes shut off then you get a message saying pwn successful.. or something like that. then i Set my phone on DFU mode.
    pressed Shift+Restore and clicked on the propper CUSTOM FIRMWARE that i just made.
    and i let iTunes do its thing.
    came back about 20 minutes and BAMN!!!!!!!! 3G pwned.

    Hope this helps. and good luck!!

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