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Thread: Iphone 3g, re winpwn with 2.4?

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    Default Iphone 3g, re winpwn with 2.4?
    I have a 3g and have jailbroke with 2.3, should I re-winpwn with 2.4? Which ipsw should I use (I don't want to upgrade to 2.1 on 3g until dev-team releases the unlock ?

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    use winpwn and don't select the upgrade baseband portion.

    winpwn is basically to support the new 2.0.1 firmware. so if u wanna upgrade to that, use the new winpwn. but make sure you select to not upgrade baseband so it remains the same and you will still be on the older baseband which the dev team is suggesting

    and you don't need to re-pwn. jus use it to make a new firmware file that u are gonna restore to
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    I'm confused. You said you have the 3G... which means you're not unlocked and on a valid contract. You said you don't want to upgrade to 2.1 (which isn't released yet) until the Dev team releases the unlock. What purpose would the unlock serve you?

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    Sorry, I have the 3g and have winpwn'd it with, but would like to upgrade to as it looks like it has installer and I am sure some other goodies. I have a valid contract with att but am going to cancel on day 31 and do not want to risk loosing my unlock now or if I need to reinstall later. Should I find a download link for 2.0.0 (5a347) or use 2.0.1 (5b108), I read something about dev-team saying to avoid the 2.0.1 for now but most of the guides have replaced the 2.0.0 link with one for 2.0.1.

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    if you are pwned then you are fine, there is no reason to make a new custom firmware to restore. wait it out and then when the unlock comes you should be fine. i wouldnt wait til day 31 though since it counts as a new month on your bill
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    Note one this:
    I did do a re-winpwn with using firmware 5a347 and did not have any issues. I did not go with 5b108 as the devteam is still advising against it. A few changes, but the most noteable is that installer is back in a beta incarnation.

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    Hi Guys
    I have iphone frimware 2.1 3G i want to jailbreak through winpwn.. where can i find software to jailbreak frimware 2.1? pls reply ASAP

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    so now im confused!! i have a iphone 3g jailbroke with winpwn(i have a pc) on 2.01 firmware i have both installer and cydia on my phone so whats with damon chyld not being able to get installer(i think cydia is better anyway)on his iphone, i just selected it when i used winpwn and there it is ,am i missing something. and i have had no problems with 2.01 at all ,not once. i am thinking of upgrading to 2.1 though cuase some applications from the app store wont run on 2.01 any more. but i stiil dont fully understand the process do i want to upgrade through apple to 2.1 then jailbreak my phone again or is there an option to just do it all through winpwn??? and whats this autoupgrade feature im hearing about? is this real or going to be real for winpwn!! so any thoughts out there as to the best way to upgrade from 2.01 to 2.1?

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