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Thread: .:: Winpwn & iFone 2G on PC

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    Default .:: Winpwn & iFone 2G on PC
    I'm hoping that this is the end all be all... but it wont be :-p

    0. Download Winpwn & iPhone 2G 2.0.1 Firmware

    1. Open Winpwn

    02. Selct Browse

    03. Locate your iPhone1,1_2.0.1_5B108_Restore

    04. Connect iFone (this will open iTunes in the background)

    05. Choose IPSW Builder

    06. Select Installer & Cydia
    It seemed that when I only choose installer it would error later on. So I went back and choose both and it worked.

    07. Choose Bootscreen images if you want

    08. Custom Payload Screen

    09. Select Advanced Options
    I am an AT&T Customer so I dont need to unlock my basebase.

    Bootloader 3.9
    Bootloader 4.6

    10. Partition Size
    This has been discovered that it's alot of (6) and (1606) errors are coming from the partition size being too small. So the recomendation is to set to 1000MB.

    11. Build IPSW

    13. Succesfully Created IPSW

    14. Winpwn Output

    Enter your Phone into DFU Mode

    1. Hold down the power button and the menu button at the same time
    2. After you her the computer reconize sound release the power power while still holding the menu button.
    3. When you hear the reconize sound again release the menu button.
    4. The phone screen should be black now.
    5. iTunes will search for an iPod/iFone and will find it in DFU Mod

    15. Select iPwner
    This kills iTunes and allow you to use your customer firmware

    16. Locate custom firmware that you built.

    17. iTunes Pwnd & Killed

    18. iTunes Finds Phone in DFU Mode

    19. Ctrl+Shift+Click Restore

    20. Select Custom Firmware That You Just Built

    21. Extracting Software

    Now sit and wait patiently, about 30+mins. It's going to do it's thing and so on. When It's done, it will reboot and the phone will run the bootneuter program, be sure not to touch it and let it do its thing. After that is done it will restart again and iTunes will reconize it, and then it will ask you to load from backup or make a new phone. Do what you choose. The rest is straight forward..

    22. Preparing Phone For Restore

    23. Preparing Status

    24. More Prep

    25. Waiting For Phone

    26. More & More Prep

    27. Verify iPhone Software

    28. Phone Restart Message

    29. Confirm

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    would it be ok for me to follow this guide if i have an original 8gb iphone on 1.1.4?

    Thanks in advance

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    On step .09 what should I check if I have T-Mobile?

    I get an error(1)?

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