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Thread: Winpawn out!

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    Default Winpawn out!

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    seems like no one can upload a custom 3g firmware but this is much b.etter

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    anyone tested on a 3G yet?

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    Can we put installer on it? Thanks
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    Any OTHER link besides rapidshare ???

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    Also, where do I get an ipsw from. I hit the "browse ipsw" button, but don't know what to do after that. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeg679 View Post
    Also, where do I get an ipsw from. I hit the "browse ipsw" button, but don't know what to do after that. Thanks
    IPhone Firmware Download Links - ModMyI - Wiki

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    joeg679 (2008-08-09)

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    just finished pwning my 2.0.1 3g on att with winpwn 2.0.4

    i took a quick look everything seems to be working, installer cydia youtube, im currently resyncing all my info ill give you all an update in a few

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    Is the 2.0 version of Kate on installer??

    I won't update until then , I can't live without a 5 icon dock

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    I downloaded the 2.0.1 3g ipsw from above and put it into winpwn. Then I pressed ipwner and it went to another search screen and asked for a custom ipsw. Is this the thing that I downloaded from above or do i have to customize it?

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    didnt look threw installer i just opened it to see if it opened, im appling my back up now so i can have my settings back.

    ill let you know whats in installer when its done

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    It work for me as well, installer and cydia works perfectly.

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    I figured out my problem and am building a custom ipsw now. Does installer automatically get installed as well as cydia? If nothow do we get it on and is it 4.0? Thanks

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    yes installer is automatically installed as long as you checked it in the custom firmware

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    I am gettin an error saying that it could not be restored and than an unknown error occurred. ANy ideas?

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    i dont know, all i did was create the custom firmware then threw my phone in dfu mode and restored to the custom firmware in itunes

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    There is also a (6) after the message. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thanks

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    i belive there is another post on the forum about error 6 might want to check there

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    I am getting an error when i try to browse for ipsw. It says unknown file iPhone1,2_2.0.1_5B108_Restore

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    when i did it on a 3g iphone that was already on non jailbroken 2.0.1 i did not get any error 6 or any other error. However im noticing that several times when im trying to make a phone call , it says " call failed" anyone else having similar issue with phone, like losing service?

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