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Thread: 3g 2.0 firmware iphone will not pwn

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    Default 3g 2.0 firmware iphone will not pwn
    ok guys

    i have a 1.4 and have done just about everything i can possibly do to it.. i have soft bricked it, restored it, mutilated it and done other unspeakable things to it.

    needless to say, i am not a NOOB! my mother-in-law got a 2.0 3g 8gig and this pwn thing is really gay!

    i followed all the steps, have used 1st gen and 2nd gen restore ipsw's and nothing! it wont pwn! i have all the supporting programs and have done the steps to a T like 5 times! im about to pull my hair out! i want ZiPhone for 3g! all this extra crap sux!

    ok... im ok now. the thing is, when i go to creat the custom firmware it creates a "file" and not an ipsw so i cant use it to restore.

    plz help!

    im about to go crazy


    ps: sorry for bashing the pwn thing...

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    Since its a 3G, are you going into advanced and turning Unlock off? 3G can't be unlocked yet.
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    yes. it will only let me check or uncheck unlock and wipe. none of the other options are available with the 3g specific restore ipsw.

    but yes... i am unchecking unlock

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    1)have itunes open and phone pluged in
    2)download and save the *.ispw to your desktop (make sure it's the correct one cuz the 3G 2.0FW is different)
    3)open winpwn
    4)click browse ispw and find the one on your desktop
    5)click build ispw (save it to your desktop) and make sure only "install cydia" is checked
    6)once it builds click iPwner and choose the custom ispw and (itunes will shut down)
    7)open itunes again
    8)put your phone in DFU mode by holding both power button and home button until the phone shuts off
    9)release the power button and continue to hold the home button until itunes see the phone (screen should be black and would be a good time to take out the sim card)
    10)in itunes hold your shift button and press restore and select the custom ispw
    itunes will start the restore process (might take a while)
    11)once complete unplug the phone from computer and put your sim card back in
    12)set up your phone as a new phone in itunes
    13)and your done

    if i missed anything let me know

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