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Thread: Need help! Timing?

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    Default Need help! Timing?
    Okay so I WinPwn'd my iPhone 3G and stupidly left activate on. Now I have no service when 3G connection is selected. I found this solution:

    > Restore your phone back to the standard iPSW
    > Create your custom pwned iPSW, do NOT select "activate phone" or "Youtube fix" - only select "Install Cydia"
    > Take out your SIM card (this is important)
    > Put the phone into DFU mode
    > pwn as normal
    > once pwned, unplug iPhone, insert your SIM and plug in again.
    > activate through iTunes as a new phone (also important)

    I've followed the instructions to a T (several times over) BUT it doesn't seem to work. Maybe my timing is off of when to take the sim card out/back in? I dunno. Could someone please give me some ideas of what I could possibly be doing wrong? Or better yet, a YouTube tutorial on how to do this process correctly. This way there is no confussion.

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    well if you have Att don't use you tube fix. I think you said you did.

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    No I did not. I DID say that I followed the instructions front to back multiple times. I just can't understand what it is I'm doing wrong.

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    I did the same thing the first time I pwnd. I never took out my sim to fix it. All I did was restore to factory 2.0 and then pwnd again with my new custom ipsw that I unchecked the activate.
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