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Thread: Before I Use Winpwn......

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    Default Before I Use Winpwn......
    I have a few questions about this whole thing. I have been reading up here and elsewhere and understand the process completely. I have confidence I can do this without any issues, but I do have a few concerns.

    1. What are the odds of Bricking the phone?
    2. Has anyone actually Bricked their phone using Winpwn?
    3. Is it possible Apple could push an Update/Patch to Brick Pwned Phones?
    4. Will the 2.01 Update Brick the Pwned phone?

    Say something goes wrong, or the phone is Bricked from any of the above questions......Would a Restore in iTunes Unbrick the phone?

    I just want to cover all bases before I Pwn my phone......I cannot afford to Brick my phone and have it become useless. Buying a new phone is completely out of the question.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you looking to just jailbreak your phone or unlock it? If you are just jailbreaking then it is almost impossible to brick your phone. When you unlock for different carriers then there is a slight chance but there are workarounds to fix that also. There really is no such thing as a bricked phone. Just people that do not know how to fix their phone. When every you jailbreak/unlock your phone it is always wise not to update to any new firmware that Apple releases untill you have done some research and it has been cracked.
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    I'm just looking to Jailbreak the phone as I have AT&T and don't won't to unlock it.

    I really just want to play NES on the phone lol......that is until I find some other nice things that jailbreaking brings.

    When 2.01 does come out I want to I assume I would have to Restore my phone back to 2.0 and then upgrade to 2.01? Losing my Pwn of course.And then Winpwn would have to release an update for 2.01 and I would have to Winpwn the phone again?
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    Yes, you could update to the 2.01 when it comes out but that would cause you to lose your jailbreak. You would need to wait for confirmation of an update to winpwn in order to jailbreak again.

    Once you jailbreak install the NES emulator from Cydia. Then, install Open SSH from Cydia. Look on the net for WinSCP and download that to your computer. Look online for instructions on using WinSCP. Make sure you do some homework in regards where to put the NES roms in your phone.
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    Once Pwnd will all of my contacts, settings, apps still be on the phone? If not how do I go about restoring these?

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    Before you jailbreak make sure you sync your phone and perform a backup. I would also suggest syncing your contacts and calendar with google or outlook just so you have a backup source if something fails. You will probably have to install your apps again but if you restore from backup you might not.
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    Ok so I Pwned my phone and everything seems good....except NES doesn't work.

    After the Pwn, I just downloaded and installed the Essentials option.

    I uninstalled and re-installed NES a few times but it just won't run. I click it and it instantly brings me back to the dock.

    Any ideas? This was one of the only reasons I Pwned my phone.

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    Sounds like a permission problem, SSH to the iPhone and ensure the NES folder permissions are 777 or 775 Same for the ROMs folder.

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    1. 0%
    2. No
    3. No it will just replace your jailbroken firmware
    4. No it will just replace your jailbroken firmware

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
    Sounds like a permission problem, SSH to the iPhone and ensure the NES folder permissions are 777 or 775 Same for the ROMs folder.
    It was 755 and I tried 777 but didn't work. Here is a Screen Shot of my folder. Also I don't see a ROM folder or any folder inside

    Is this what it should look like?

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    Apparently the latest update to the emulator is crashing. They are working on it though. Check out this thread.

    Pwnage 2.0 Guide 3G - ModMyI - Wiki
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    I actually downloaded NES from my PC and uploaded it overwriting everything, and it works.....So yeah it does appear there is an issue with the App and downloading and installing from cydia.

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