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Thread: Should I upgrade 1st gen iPhone?

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    Default Should I upgrade 1st gen iPhone?
    What exactly are the benefits for 2.0 firmware on a 1st gen?
    Do i lose compatibility for 3rd party apps that work on 1.1.4?
    Do i lose all my data on my iPhone?
    Is it worth it?
    Please and Thank You.
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    I am on the same boat as you are in now. And I am debating the same things. Although I am going to wait a bit then upgrade. Too many people seem to be having problems after upgrading. Some say their wifi don't work or edge don't work. Others say they don't get good reception from the carrier.

    And you have the other people who say it's working fine for them.

    I'm just going to wait a bit more.

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    I upgraded mine with no problems. even all the standard phone apps seem to have been subtly upgraded with new features.

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    Everything on my pwned 2.0 1st Gen. iPhone is working just fine. Just waiting on the apps!

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    Default A bit more detail please?
    Does it wipe out all of your previous data, as in apps (do they work at all), and songs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chimarito42 View Post
    Does it wipe out all of your previous data, as in apps (do they work at all), and songs?
    Sync and restore the backup after you upgrade and pwn it. You will retain your contacts, SMS, photos, songs, etc.

    As far as your apps are concerned, you are going to have to load them back up. Some are available via Cydia only. But most are still being ported over.

    Reception does suck running on 2.0.
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    I had 2.0 on my 1st gen for a few days and I didn't like it at all. A lot of the apps you used in 1.1.4 aren't ported for 2.0 yet. Also, I noticed that all of the regular iPhone apps responded slower. When typing, there was like a half second delay before it would register the letter. I restored again just in case and it didn't get any better. I ended up just downgrading to 1.1.4 and will stay least until more apps are ported to 2.0
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    so is it worth upgrading now or should i wait some time?

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    Upgrade it now if you are impatient then take the hassle and downgrade it back.

    The best thing would be to wait some time.

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    I upgraded mine along with about 50 others not to mention Jailbreaking 20 or so 3g's (too many friends and acquaintances lol). The only reason I upgraded mine was to see the process and if i could get into the files section... I didnt upgrade for the added apps because I already have plenty through installer. So...... Here is my $.02

    Wait!!! I restored mine back to 1.1.4 after about a day.... The main reason is because the PWN is not yet bug free. The iPhone is alot of things...calendar, games, e-mail, mini laptop computer.....BUT my primary reason for it is a PHONE.... I need my device to be 100% operational and the PWN is not there yet... Everything worked but, edge and my service seemed to loose signal sporadically for no reason. Lastly I really like the apps I have now and summerboard puts the ME in MyiPhone ;-).

    I would suggest to anyone not to upgrade if you are not a beta tester or program writer. You will loose alot more than you will gain...

    Hope this helps....

    As a minimum wait for WINPWN 2.5 if you use windows os.

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    I will be releasing it very soon so check back when you can "

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    I'm going to wait until 2.0 shows as an official upg in the Installer.
    Hope I don't have to wait too long!
    Thanks for all the work on this!

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    I would say wait because cydia has very few apps to choose from, and still has bugs being worked out daily.

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    Add me to those who upgraded and then downgraded again the next day. 2.0 has some great features, but I missed the stability and apps from 1.1.4 that are not yet available on app store or Cydia on 2.0.

    Everything seemed to be laggy on teh 2.0 and teh app store apps are buggy too.

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    Thanks guys! I was debating myself about upgrading to 2.0, but after reading all of your posts I'll wait a bit...

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    I'm in exactly the same boat. Was thinking of upgrading but after reading some of the posts here I'm going to wait. I've got a couple of mates who went legit and got 3G's on O2 here in England and the poor reception is definately a firmware thing. We work in the middle of London and they keep getting signal drop out whereas I'm running 1.1.4 on T-Mobile and its solid as a rock :-)

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