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Thread: Pwning the phone?

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    Default Pwning the phone?
    This is probably a really stupid question... but anyway,

    How exactely do you pwn the phone? i have pwned itunes, but i don't think i have pwned the iphone itself.

    Is just putting it in DFU mode 'pwning' it? because a lot of guides ive read for don't have steps to do the phone, the only thing you do to the phone is DFU & restore..


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    well, what happens it's that what they call "pwning the iphone" is actually modifying the restore file on the computer, so the iphone gets automagically activated and/or unlocked once restored.....
    so yea....u pwn the iphone on the computer

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    If anyone is getting issues/errors with Itunes not loading the custom firmware after you were able to create it sucessfully in WinPwn2 and possible also have issues with it not correctly Pwning Itunes. There is a way to do it manually yourself.

    check out my forum post here. and post a reply there if it helps you

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    thanks that clarified it for me :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by m73a View Post
    thanks that clarified it for me :-)
    Well I am glad i could help, im still new to all this. I just went to the basics and read the crap out of the documentation from the Dev team on the binaries they release for windows.

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