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Thread: Fix: Iphone 3g WinPwn ERROR 160x

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    Default Fix: Iphone 3g/??2g WinPwn ITUNES Firmware Errors
    I guess They Fixed this problem! Download mirror1 mirror2 WinPWN

    My setup: that this worked for; Please post if it works for you and if you have any different setup.
    ITunes 7.7
    Iphone 3g 2.0
    Vista 32

    I think it whats Happening is that WinPwn is not correctly Pwning Itunes and your phone so you can trick itunes into loading your custom firmware.

    So we are skipping WinPwn Itunes Pwner and doing it manually with Xpwn. Xpwn was the command line utility source by the Dev team that WinPwn is based.

    1. After you successfully create your custom firmware close out WinPwn.

    2. Unplug your phone, should be at the normal home screen at this point.

    3. Use task manager and close all things apple: iTunes, iTunesHelper, etc.

    4. Download these 2 things:
    A: XPWN by IphoneDEV
    B: libusb-win32-filter

    libusb-win32-filter NOTE VISTA USERS: you need to set the compatability to WinXp SP2 BEFORE installing it or it will hose your system. more info

    5. Install libusb-win32-filter. This will give Xpwn access to the phone when you finally put it into DFU mode.

    6. Extract Xpwn zip to something easy like CXPWN\

    7. Copy you custom firmware that you made in WinPWN into that directory you made for XPwn and for easy sake rename it Custom.ipsw

    8. run cmd prmt: itunespwn custom.ipsw
    <if you allready have a %APPDATA%\Apple Computer\itunes\Device Support\ folder please rename it to something else just in case First>

    9. Plug in your Iphone while still loaded at the normal home screen, ITunes should not come up at all, if it does then you did not close out all applethings. Only when all apple things are closed should you continue or it will not work!

    10. Put your phone in DFU mode. check out youtube link below because its makes it really easy

    11. ITunes should not come up at all, if it does then you did not close out all apple programs. Only when all apple things are closed unplug from usb and replug it in!
    <this make sure the next step can trick the phone and itunes to accept the custom firmware when we get to that point>

    12. run cmd prmt: dfu-util custom.ipsw n82ap
    n82ap = 3G iPhone, m68ap = First-generation iPhone, n45ap = iPod touch

    THIS WILL START Pwning and you will see a bunch of crap go across your screen. just wait till is says its done and your IPHONE screen SHOULD TURN WHITE!!!

    If it does not I would have your restart at # 9 because somewhere your not closing all itune/apple relates apps and its overwriting the PWNing process

    13. If it turned white THEN Open Itunes.
    It should popup saying it needs to be restored. Shift-Click restore and open up your Custom.ipsw.

    TADA!!! NO MORE ITUNES ERRORS and it installs perfectly, for me at least, need some feedback if it works for others =P

    [ame=]YouTube - How to put your iPhone in DFU mode[/ame]

    This is my first post here so please forgive any formatting and spelling isues cause im tired after if finally figured out what to do
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    hi it's good but i recive 1604 error on restore process

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackMan_Forever View Post
    hi it's good but i recive 1604 error on restore process
    same here...
    Keep on "Preparing iPhone for restore...", iphone shows the apple logo and after 2 minutes, 1604.

    And I can't use it anymore, doesn't power-up, only iTunes see him (iBrick and iLiberty don't)... It's aways stucked on the apple logo (startup logo).

    I really need some help!

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    Does the Screen on the Iphone turn WHITE? did you follow every step?

    If it doesnt your gonna get errors because you have to PWN it, turn yout device's screen white, so that when you do the itunes restore it will work correctly.

    From a different thread i posted a link to this post they were able to get it working as i described in here.

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