Hello ALl. I have a very long situation

1. I update my first gen iphone to 2.0 by mistake, after that, it was locked and I cant do anything only emergency calls.

2. I have tried to pwn it with no success.

3. I followed all steps in this page.
iClarified - iPhone - How to Unlock/Jailbreak Your 2.0 2G iPhone (Windows)

Everything has worked excep go into DFU mode.

I havent been able to put the iphone into DFU mode. As far as I understand DFU mode is black screen, but it doesnt put the iphone in that mode, it puts it into recovery model (itunes icon wih usb cable image).

I tried to restore in that mode, but it keeps me getting unknown error 6.

I need my iphone back as soon as possible, I can even pay for it.

Any ideas, how to unlock it, how to downgrade it succesfully?