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Thread: Winpwn on Xp - ALWAYS fails to create ipsw

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4nic8tor View Post
    You guys are high...telling people to reinstall Windows?? That is not the best solution. Come on....
    you are high because you missed the word OTHER.

    and second i was pointing out to all the annoying ppl claiming its a mem problem that the big diffrence wasnt the mem it was that they used a diffrent computer.

    and i bet that one never had an older version of winpwn installed.

    hence i am pointing towards a new idea to look at to try and solve OTHER then reinstalling windows or using a new computer to fix it.

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    Same issues as other - running on a dual-core CPU with 1G memory. I killed as many running processes as possible and when I start WinPwn I have over 600 MB and when it fails I still have around 350MB.

    I've seen a couple of failure modes - one where it returns an error that it could not create the custom firmware (and then I can still run WinPwn, although it does not free the memory it used and futher attempts do not get very far) and one where it just blows up - all at the point after being in the "rebuilding root filesystem" for a while.

    I am an AT&T customer and just want to Jailbreak, so I indicate not to Activiate, to update the baseband but not to update the boot loader (and thus not to do the boot nuter thing) - not sure if this provides any clues for anyone....

    should have said I was using version RC1
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    just tested it myself on my other computer wich never had any winpwn installed before and is the same specs as the one i used before that had an older version of winpwn installed on it.

    now it worked on the other pc wich confirmed my assumptions.
    so somewhere the old winpwn leaves some traces even when uninstalled that conflicts when building a ipsw with the new winpwn.

    tried removing registery keys and other folders/files connected to winpwn didnt help so far.

    hope this might help someone in finding the problem.
    just my progress for now.

    so to be clear :
    both computers where dual cores with 1 gb of mem both installed with win xp sp2 and all the requirements for winpwn like itunes 7.7
    used the same ipsw 2.0 for a 2g iphone on both computers.
    my first go was on the computer who previously had a winpwn 1.0 installed
    uninstalled it removed all dirs also the hidden ones in application data

    installed winpwn 2.0 and got the ipsw build failed error after the creating root msg.

    did it on the other computer wich never had any winpwn installed and everything went smooth.

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    1- Uninstall WinPwn 1.0 --> Install WinPwn 2.0 --> Done!

    2- Go to CYour User\AppData\Roaming\cwm --> Delete all data in folder --> OK !

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    I have tried 2 computers now and neither of them ever had WinPwn installed and they all do the same thing. I have 3 or 4 more that I can try so I will do that.

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    same here, never had winpwn installed, first ever install was winpwn ver, did everything as described to build the custom image, but still got either the "failed to create custom ipsw" error or winpwn just crashed without any errors. I've got quad core, 4g ram, itunes 7.7, killed all applications (didn't think this would help), but still NO LUCK!!

    BTW, is there any way that we can just download a custom image then restore it via itunes, saving all the hassle of actually making one for those who can't create a custom image??

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    I had the same problems. The only way I was able to make a custom IPSW file was to UNCHECK the install CYDIA checkbox and it worked.

    Problem is now I don't know how to install cydia on my iPhone manually.... any ideas?

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    Try changing the path you are sving to .isw to

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    The third computer I tried worked great. It finally built the IPSW and jailbroke fine. Nothing else different that I can think of.

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    Just confirmed!!!! I update my XP sp2 to sp3 and no more "fail to create ipsw" err...and now I am waiting for the restoration complete....

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    Quote Originally Posted by nino4 View Post
    I had the same problems. The only way I was able to make a custom IPSW file was to UNCHECK the install CYDIA checkbox and it worked.

    Problem is now I don't know how to install cydia on my iPhone manually.... any ideas?
    With me it happened the same as Nino4: Worked when unchecked "Install Cydia" option.
    If this is a lack of memory problem, we must be talking about a few kbytes!

    I'm on XP sp2. I'll upgrade to sp3 and try again....

    Edit: After upgrade the XP to SP3 the custom IPSW file was created flawlessly.
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Xpwn, the library winpwn is based on, is fairly memory hungry as it assumes it can use your memory as a cache and that if it ever runs out of physical memory, virtual memory can be used as an intelligent cache. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, Windows will refuse to allocate me memory at a certain point. Future versions will use temporary files as a backing store and further reduce memory usage.

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    For those having trouble creating custom ispw files with winpwn, try using another logon account or creating another one to use. Did'nt have a 2nd comp to use, so I tried my wife's user account. It finally created custom ispw after nothing I did would work using my own login.

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    still problem here ... i think is something wrong ) good ..i think =)) anyway i buy a IPhone yesterday i didan;t know nothing aboutit and now im absolutly shure cause tomorow i ill know everything about it =)) .. help me is frowzen with theat cable and cd and asck me all the time to restore nothing else ..ahh and it asck me olso for a good simcard =)) i will asck GOD for ONE or i will still ONE =))what do you think bboysunz

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    I've tried alll of these solutions. nothing working. Still wondering why someone can't just post their custom IPSW? Will that not work?

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    I upgraded my PC (Win XP Media Edition) to SP3 and now IPSW competes successfully for a "original" iPhone file (I only selecting the Install Cydia option - no custom boot graphics, not doing Baseband update, not doing Activiate, Nuter, etc as I am on AT&T and have no need to unlock). Not I have 1GB memory in a dual-core PC.

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    This is odd, I have a Sony Vaio dual core 4GB XP Media Center Edition SP2, running background just essencial programs, no AV no iTunes no internet explorer no messenger, nothing, the total of used memory is 312MB, so i have more than 3GB free, i didn't install WinPwn 1.0 before 2.0. I have .NET Framework installed.
    But i cannot install SP3 because a lot of programs I have installed that will make my computer crash with SP3 (trust me I already installed it and I had to format the whole C disk)
    But my WinPwn keep crashing.

    I tried on 2 more computers, 1 vista, 1 xp SP3, 2GB each no background blah blah blah. Nothing, keep crashind at the end.

    Last thing i tried was create the firmware under Mac, but when i tried to flash it i get a 1600 error. In both windows and mac.
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    ok why cant we just use someone else custom ipsw? is there difference from other iphones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrian2pm View Post
    ok why cant we just use someone else custom ipsw? is there difference from other iphones?
    I'v asked the same question on 3 forums. No answers.

    Another question: Has anyone been able to build an IPSW with only SP2 on XP?

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