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Thread: Tips and tricks if you get the 160X error when upgrading to 2.0

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    Default Tips and tricks if you get the 160X error when upgrading to 2.0
    So ive been at work with this upgrade since this morning, reading every possible forum i could find for help.

    If your like me, and did some error in the beginning and have a ibrick or other deadish phone, try these tips to make it work:

    The method that finally worked for me on windows VISTA and XP:

    First of, i downgraded to 1.1.4 with another computer with itunes 7.5 to the point where that was working (still locked though)
    link to 1.1.4
    link to itunes 7.5 for win :

    This part should be done in itunes 7.7

    Put your phone in DFU mode (hold both power and home for 10 seconds, then release power but still holding home for ten seconds, screen is BLANK, but itunes starts and says you can restore it)

    Download the upgradefile through itunes for your phone. JUST DOWNLOAD IT.
    Your file should be somewhere in:
    CUsers\<youruser>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

    Or, find it on the net, it can be located trough a XML file but its a pain.

    third, i created a new file with winpwn unlocking baseband but not upgrading och downgrading the baseband.

    now i have the original file, the newly created custom ipsw saved where you can find them both, restart the program, load the original file, then ipwner the new file, it says that it pwns your itunes and itunes closes.

    Now go to your custom ipsw file and doublecklick it, that opens up itunes. Shift-click and locate the custom file.

    This worked for me, to my own surprise. I got a baseband error when flashing but wifi and calling works for me (sweden carrier)

    I found some other tips, like try switching USB ports, try another computer, delete the content in
    CUsers\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\Device Support\

    i tried adding the file from this site (BUT NOT USING THEIR IPSW SINCE ITS 3G and i have 2G)
    check it for other useful tips
    Jailbreaking your iPhone 3G on Windows - Hacking - iPhone - Whirlpool Broadband Forums

    if anyone else get it working, post how here.
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