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Thread: Really Need Help, Iphone not working after using Pwnage

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    Default Really Need Help, Iphone not working after using Pwnage
    I ziphoned my iphone when i was running 1.1.4 to unlock it and had no probelm. But yesterday I restored all data to update it to 2.0. Then I pwned it with the pwnage tool, and so forth but now the phone has no reception (no signal to call) .

    After that i even downgraded back to 1.1.4 and used Kiphone to erase the bootloader, and even on 1.1.4 i am no longer getting reception with a 04.04.05 baseband.

    I really need help.

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    right but Zibri didnt come up with that code!

    he leaked the official dev team JB, and then tried to modify it, put it in a wrapper, and called it ZiPhone. true, his tool helped a lot of people. but if you search calibration issue ziphone, you will get many many hits and people having that only after using ziphone. not iplus, not iliberty, Ziphone.

    yes, the amount of time spent to degrade him is almost incomprehensible, but seriously, take a look from both sides. go to both the irc channels. ask why one sides thinks such and such. and then and only then, should you try to come up with a side to take.
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    do not use ziphone, some phones bricks and are tottaly unuseful after that.
    Try iliberty+ or x or iplus or pwnagetool1.1 for firmware 1.1.4
    For firmware 2.0 there are some good guides and the program runs perfect
    Pwnage 2.0 Guide - ModMyI - Wiki take a look this link is for expert mode but you can use and the simple mode Pwnage Tool 2.0.1: FAQ and TUTORIAL For Unlocking/Jailbreaking iPhone [MAC][WINDOWS!] - Mac Forums
    Also if you dont get it work with this guides big boss has a guide too Pwnage 2.0 Guide - iPhone News & Review

    But it's very easy, remember one thing you must put your phone in dfu mode and then your iphone should be blank no screen to see...
    I believe that something you missed, follow one of this guides step by step and you won't have any problems, expect if ziphone has damaged your iphone i don't know about that...
    If you need something tell me and i will try to help you
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