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Thread: WinPwn 2.0 Released

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    Default WinPwn 2.0 Released
    Main Page - WinPwn

    Alternate Mirror:


    (Change the $ to an s)
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    Has anyone tried this yet? Why isn't on the main page?

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    I am downloading right now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lookatthemonkeys View Post
    Has anyone tried this yet?
    Downloading it now...
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    Please keep us updated with out it works

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    I'm waiting for somebody else to do it first

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    i downloaded it but it aint working....error pops up in windows

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    I got it working and made a custom ipsw file....will try with 3G asap

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    Worked flawlessly for me

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    What does the No Wipe option do when building a custom ispw? I'm assuming that wipes the phone. Will I lose my contacts? Sorry, I'm a noob to this

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    Did not work for me the first time. I think it is because I did not use DFU mode. Will try again using DFU

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    Default what does no wipe mean
    what does no wipe mean check it or not


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    Dfu mode must be used for this process to work

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    I was about to copy/paste their instructions, but it looks like their site is down

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    Tried going into DFU mode after creating an ISPW. Itunes won't recognize it saying "An Ipod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly". Now the phone won't even turn on. What did I do wrong?

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    DFUed, but got 1602 error.....I will try again tomorrow and maybe I will have better luck.

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    My phone has no service now. I am with at&t and cannot get any bars to make a phone call. I built a custom ispw with all of the options checked except for No Wipe (left is unchecked). When I tried to get into DFU mode it crashed. I was finally able to turn the phone on again but have no service now.

    When I try to create another ispw I am getting an error everytime now in winpwn. Can someone please help, I am stuck

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    Error 1600 still. I have windows vista. I hate this sh*t.

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    Ok well I am getting a little further. I think winpwn was erroring out because I was using their custom logos which looks like it was downloading it from their website which seems to be down at the moment. I was able to build an ispw and restore in dfu but an getting the error 1600 as well. anyone have any ideas?

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