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Thread: Cydia = Failure

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    Default Cydia = Failure
    Cydia was responsible for my iPhone lagging in scrolling thru contacts and freezing up Safari when I used it to type. Now I hope there is a way to SSH into my iPhone without installing Cydia?

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    Dude, you don't know what you are talking about!!! How on earth could you even "KNOW" that it was Cydia that caused the slowdown. Did you even look to see that many iPhones are having these issues. Mine did that as well and it was before I Pwned it. I called Apple and they are aware of the problem and are working on an update to help the stability. Do some research before you post an ignorant, inflammatory remark.

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    I think a lot of people just don't realize that Cydia is a package manager just like Installer and the only other thing it does (which is done during the jailbreak) is relocate /Applications and install a *working* copy of the BSD Subsystem, which oddly sounds like something you can do in Installer. Personally, I noticed less to no lag once I restored using an ipsw with a larger root partition than 500MB. This may no longer be necessary since some of the updates to Cydia seemed to relocate even more stuff (which for me is stable as anything) which negates the need for adjusting the size of the root partition.
    Interpret what you will but the package manager and the BSD it installs aren't at fault. Did you restore from a backup after you Pwned your phone? That could be cause of it, I set mine up as a new phone (which is honestly the best thing to do) and it's been smooth sailing here.
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    Interesting, because I pwned 3 iPhones(1st gen) which all had Cydia on it. Every one one of them was lagging in scrolling and keyboard functions to the point that it was useless and had to be rebooted... 3 iPhones. I restored all 3, WITHOUT, Cydia and voila! no more problems at all with lagging. Just to make sure, i restored AGAIN with Cydia and again the problem reappeared. I did both, restore from backup and set up as new iPhone to see if that would solve it.... nada.

    Thats pretty much concrete proof that Cydia, maybe not entirely, but mainly has an issue with it that is making the iPhone slow down. I'm not the first and nor the last to speak out about it either. Many in Hackint0sh have also reported it.

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    can the pwnage tool run through everything without installing cydia?

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    Cydia is not causing any scrolling issues on my 2g phone. Works like a charm and if you choose in Pwnager Tool Custom packages you should be able to leave Cydia out.

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    Yeah Cydia has worked on my phone. Yes my iPhone is a little bit slower but I thought that was because 2.0 is pretty buggy and laggy though.

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    mine was lagging real bad also. I installed bossprefs, turned off ssh and no more lag. Its like a different phone now. It is worth a shot to try.

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    I second that - Installing Bossprefs and turning of ssh when not in use got my phone back to its normal speed, it was sluggish before that.

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