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Thread: Pwnage (or Cydia?) Shuts My iPhone Down?

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    just wondering if you when you guys upgraded if you did not have auto lock set to never. I did not when I upgrade and when the BootNeuter 2.0 ran the auto lock came on and I had to slide it open. i was wondering if that is what may of messed it up.

    any thoughts?

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    Hey Strike,

    No, I always watch out for that. It didn't lock during the upgrade at any point. Alas, back to the drawing board we go! Good thinking though.

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    if the phone is plugged into a power source or if it never locks then it stays on. I guess since you already tried the bootloaders im not even going to bother. sucks that this really is the only phone worth using. I have grown tired of it that and everyone and their brother has one. Guess I just have to patiently wait on tmobile to roll out a 3g network and hope we get the HTC touch diamond.

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    my problem after pwnage 2.0 was that my phone would just crash after i installed something from cydia, but after it would not boot. It would just show the apple logo for several minutes. The only thing i could do was restore it. and it has happenend over 15 times!!! plz help!!

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    Hey there gVes,

    A number of things can cause that to happen, but lets start with the most simple one first. When you open up Cydia for the first time, do you allow it to apply the updates, close Cydia, open it, let it reboot, and THEN download new files? If you look at the command script, it requests a reboot of Cydia before you do anything else. Not doing so can send it into weird booting modes.

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    Has anyone accually fixed this at all. I want to sell my old iPhone as I got a 3G one, I have no need for the 1st Gen one...

    Since the 1st Gen one is the one with the problem of randomly shutting down in stand-by, it will lower its value...
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    i pwnged my iphone with winpwn if i shut it off completely i can't reboot at all. i have to connect it to computer and open winpwn when it starts then it reboots my iphone. also i can't use ibrickr to change sms sound because it says version 2.0 is too old

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    Hey Guys,

    Just an update. Upgrading to 2.0.1 official FW has no effect. Still fiddling around.

    UPDATE: Well, after upgrading, my iPhone is officially a brick. It won't turn on at all now. I guess that's not so bad. I can probably legitimately bring it to the Apple Store now.
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    Lightbulb Solution! (?)
    hi there,

    have the same problem, iPhone shuts down shortly after the keylock went on (iPhone 2G, Firmware 2.2, jailbreak + unlock).

    By accident I think I have come across a solution (well.....kind of). I installed the little app "insomnia", which prevents your iPhone from going into eco-modus. Its main function is to keep WiFi on, when the keylock is on. Well, it seems to have solved the problem (WiFi on or off, doesn't matter). Probably batteries are going to be drained a lot faster.

    So, everybody try that and maybe this leads to more sophisticated solutions.


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    same exact problem on every post.. i have firmware 3.0 an it does the same thing just shuts off by itself..

    has anybody contact apple and tried to get some amswers?

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