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Thread: Guide for Boot Screens?

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    Default Guide for Boot Screens?
    Anyone know of or willing to create a small guide on how to create a working boot screen for the iPhone that will work with 2.0?

    I have GIMP and PS CS2.

    I choose transparency and have also added an alpha channel, but still have issues.

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    Here's what I did in PS CS3:

    1. - Open image in PS, making sure it's already a simple image file (JPEG, PNG) and not a PS file, also should be 320x480 or less for ease of use, but you can always resize after opening I guess.

    2. - On the dock, go to the layers tab, it should say you have one layer (named background), double click that and accept the default name of the layer.

    3. - Under the layer viewer, there's a button for "add layer mask" (looks like a camera sort of, hold your cursor over it to make sure).

    4. - APPLE+A...then APPLE+C (or SELECT>ALL...then EDIT>COPY if you prefer)

    5. - Now, Hopefully you have a tab for "channels" right next to the "layers" tab, if not, turn it on in the "window bar up top. Click it.

    6. - now you should see 2 channels total for a grayscale image (which you can make by going to IMAGE>MODE>GRAYSCALE if you like), and 5 channels totals for a RGB image... if a color RGB image you'll have one channel each for red, green, and blue, and one labeled RGB, all little eye symbols to their left, and one that says "layer 0 mask" with an empty check box instead of an eye....check the box next to the "layer 0 mask" to give it the eye, and uncheck all the other boxes (only one other box if a grayscale image)...your picture will disappear but it's ok, we want that.

    7. - APPLE+V...APPLE+I, or the mouse equivalent of paste and invert, it'll still look weird, but don't worry, almost done.

    8. - Go back to layers and check all the RGBs again with the eye, and uncheck "layer 0 mask" this point the image should be close to what you started with, but the color may be off a bit, usually pink-ish looking, that's what we want.

    In the presets select PNG-24, check "transparency" if it isn't checked, and leave the interlace box unchecked.

    10. - Save your file where you want and use it.
    You can then exit PS, and no need to save changes as it'll save in a PS format.
    Hope this helped some of you guys.
    Feel free to PM me if you have problems, or questions... I'm a PS n00bz0r, but I will try to help if I can.

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    Dont mean to sound like a noob but I assume boot screens don't live in the standard winterboard themes folder? Where do they go?

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