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Thread: 1st Gen jailbreak, now I have no EDGE or Visual Voicemail

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    Default 1st Gen jailbreak, now I have no EDGE or Visual Voicemail
    OK, so I used Pwnage on my 1st Gen iPhone and at first, I had no Visual Voicemail, which I figured was just due to me screwing something up. I re-did the jailbreak and now I have no EDGE or Visual Voicemail. My voicemail just tries to dial out, and the EDGE icon never shows up at all.

    Anyone have an idea of what I did or what settings I need to change in Pwnage to fix this? Wifi is fine when I'm at home or at work, but I use EDGE a lot when I'm working in the field and I'm already finding myself needing it.

    Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

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    Visual Voicemail is an AT&T exclusive feature, if you're not a legit ATT user, it wont work.
    As for the edge, it's most likely not properly configurated, under setting>general>cellular data whatever. You must type in an user'name and a password, provided by your operator, when you sign in to a EDGE data plan.

    I think that the answer is somewhere over there, since it's kinda impossible that Pwnage messed up with your edge.

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    The thing is, I am an actual AT&T customer, so thats why I can't figure out why my Visual Voicemail won't work.

    Same with the EDGE. Before this, I never had to enter any username and pass or anything, and I don't seem to have anywhere to enter anything liek that anyway.

    I'm wondering if the IPSW I made had the unlock and activate set, would that have disabled the Visual Voicemail? I don't rememebr having to activate via iTunes like before, so I'm guessing thats the issue.

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    is your edge data roaming turned off?

    if i have it turned off i cannot get edge, with it on i do. however, my visual voicemail does not work either way and im guessing its b/c im not using att edge at all on att.

    ive got this thread going right now to try and figure it out.

    im thinking that its a problem thats out there but as long as data roaming is turned on edge will continue to work and people will not recognize that there is a problem

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    If you EDGE doesn't work, your Visual Voicemail won't work, VVM is dependent on an EDGE connection.
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    ok so i've fixed the edge problem. visual voicemail still doesnt work. heres what you have to do for att

    ssh into your phone
    go to /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/ATT_US.bundle/carrier.plist
    download that file to your desktop
    go here Convert Apple Property list from binary to text XML and convert the file
    it will save it to your computer
    open the file and scroll to the bottom and you will see...


    below password it should say <string>CINGULAR1</string>
    below username it should say <string>[email protected]</string>

    save the file
    replace the old carrier.plist on your phone with the new file
    restart the phone

    see if that works. it worked for me

    im sure it will fix the visual voicemail if i can put in the right username and password b/c those are blank too

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