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Thread: app store apps crash after pwn 2.0

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    Default app store apps crash after pwn 2.0
    I successfully pwned my iphone first gen with the pwnage 2.0 tool.
    everything works fine and i have service but my original app store apps won't work. they just crash. anyone know how i could fix this??
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    pwned my 3g and have the same problem..

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    Same thing happened to me. I deleted one and then reinstalled it and the rest of them started to work again. Hope it helps!

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    Thanks that's what i did too. I synced them all out, then back in again. A few didn't work after that, but i just erased them off the iphone itself and reinstalled it from app store on my iphone. after that no problems
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    Can the app store be used with an unlocked, pwned 2.0 phone? I don't have a contract with AT&T and it asks me for my itunes login.

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    Quote Originally Posted by regrossman View Post
    Can the app store be used with an unlocked, pwned 2.0 phone? I don't have a contract with AT&T and it asks me for my itunes login.
    You just need to create an iTunes account

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broomhead View Post
    You just need to create an iTunes account
    yea, what he said.
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    same problem. I have deleted all but one and getting the same problem. since it's a game I bought (B-gammon), I wanna delete it once it's backed up but when I Sync, it's not copying it into iTunes. weird.

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    try deleting it directly on your iPhone. Then use app store and reinstall it on your iPhone. For some reason my iTunes won't sync them either. But iTunes should remember you already bought the app and reinstall it.

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    deleted them all and reinstalled FROM iTunes and it works!! yay

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    I think a lot of this is due to 2.0 just being riddled with bugs. Hopefully Apple gets a new firmware out soon and the Dev Team keeps up just as fast.

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    Default Apps crash after hard reboot
    While pressing PWR-Home for 10 seconds to hard reboot, all the apps from app-store crashes. Anybody else having this problem.
    Have to re-install all apps.. some had some settings that I had to redo..

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    I am having the same issue. Basically, the apps crash after every power off or reset using home + power button. I literally have to reinstall every app after reset of any kind, and is incredibly inconvenient. Any suggestions? I am just reiterating because the posts say the problem is resolved but it is not. It started to occur after the most recent update of cydia.

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    I wonder if it has something to do with boss tools moving your apps storage space. Just a guess but I'm no programmer

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    heres what i did that fixed it.

    randomly today all my app store apps started crashing even after multiple start ups. and itunes wouldnt sync my apps from the phone to itunes.

    i went under itunes settings and "authorized my computer" and then it let me sync them all to itunes, then i deleted one random app off my phone, then synced them from itunes to my phone and now everything works great.

    i think its cause all the apps arent authorized on the phone for some reason. and doing that changes it so they are.

    someone else try that and see if it works for them too.

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    Same here just deleted all of them, reinstalled them and BOOM.. works

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    I had a similar issue this morning (after upgrading to 2.1), all I did was go to the app store on the iphone and download a free app, then everything started working again. All my apps were crashing before that.

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    Thumbs up "appstore apps crash" problem solved!
    I have been struggling with this problem since 3:00 AM and now it is 12:04 PM and I finally fixed it and now I am able to start the apps from appstore without crashing. How did I do this?
    First i tried billion things and failed and then I thought it might be a authorization problem and created another Iphone store account and then loaded apps under that new account and tried to open them and it worked!!! Great Thanks god, i can sleep now...

    Error log includes

    uf_setup failed, kr=ffff5bef

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