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Thread: Pwnage on 3g [WIN/MAC]

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    Default Pwnage on 3g [WIN/MAC]
    We needed a 3g only thread so we can figure out issues with the damn 3g..

    So far I have learned there is NO WAY to pwn a 3g outside of the pwnage 2.0 tool. Meaning no Windows Pwnage today!

    I have a mac but i cant get the phone into a DFU mode that the Pwnage tool will recognize.

    I tried using the tool streight forward without forcing it into DFU.
    I tried forcing it into DFU with the HOME/POWER song and dance.

    Is there any special timing that has worked? Such as DFU'ing before you open the Pwnage Tool or do it After you have opened it? Does Itunes need to be open or closed?

    Also please keep this to 3G phones, if you have a 2.5g (1st generation)
    See these links for help at MMI.
    Pwnage 2.0 Guide - ModMyI - Wiki

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    I just followed the timing as it played out on screen in Pwnage Tool 2.0 and I had no problems with my 3G or my 2.5G (did both multiple times once I realized I wanted a larger root partition).
    I left iTunes open the entire time. I entered Pwnage Tool each time with the device in normal mode, chose my options, hit build, answered questions as appropriate when it was time and then followed the DFU mode (pre-Pwnage) or Recovery mode (post-Pwnage when I restore again like I did). Once it was all done and I was told to option-restore in iTunes, I quit Pwnage then option-restored to my custom image. Once it was done I set up as a new phone (not restored from a backup) and everything's been gravy.
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    Maybe the trick is going expert? Ill try that if this fails again.. well now that my phone wont start in anything but DFU I may need to do a legit 2.0 backup..

    Another success or debacle stories?

    Its all about the DFU.. I was alittle confused about the diffrence between DFU and Recovery.. The diffrence.....

    If you have an image on your pfone showing you to pulg it in to itunes, thats recovery.. If your phone has no image (BLACK SCREEN) and itunes tells you it needs to be restored.. You are in DFU.

    [ame=]YouTube - How to put your iPhone in DFU mode[/ame]

    If you are getting an Error 6 its because you are in the wrong mode... Try again! You can winpwn a 3g as long as its in DFU... the 2.5g apprently only needs to be in recovery mode to be restored...
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    Does it matter what version of itunes i use to pwnage a gen 1 iphone?

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    I'm on Winblows and have a 3G. If I have a custom .ipsw made for a 3G phone can I simply put my phone into DFU and restore from the custom firmware? If so, does anyone know of a source for a custom pwnd 3G ipsw? Someone please make one available. Thanks.
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    can someone upload the custom .ipsw file for the 3g? i get the bouncy icon effect on my mac when i try to run pwnagetool 2.0 and the current .ipsw on the torrents is for 1g models and does not restore for 3g's..thanks a bunch!

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