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Thread: Need pwnage help (PLEASE!)

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    Default jailbreak re-locked my phone!
    ok.i bought my iphone 3g outright for full price .. because my carrier didn't have them .. and I unlocked it through the legit process and it worked fine on my carrier ..

    but I just put the jailbroken firmware on it, and it acted as if it was locked again. the firmware succeded, but I couldn't chose a carrier and I was getting the same behavior as before the phone was unlocked. everything else worked though.

    does jailbreak not take into account unlocked phones?

    i just went back to the apple generic firmware and it is unlocked again and I can use it on my carrier. not sure how to make the jailbroken firmware work with my carrier.

    UPDATE: problem solved. simple un-checked "Activate Phone" in PwnageTool. good job guys!!

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    LOL I would love to be in the room when you all get pwnage to work, after all that, then find out you did it so you can install Cydia and not much else.
    I'm so glad I don't have to meet The Internet People.

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    how do you use the pwnage tool?

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    i have an 1.1.4 1st generation unlocked with ziphone. I ran pwnage and it keeps telling me it failed to go into dfu mode. Do you need to keep itunes open cause i shut itunes and itunes helper... Pls help

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    Ok, problem here. Everytime itunes tries to sync mail and add my mail acct it quits teh sync. Also I'm missing a few homescreen apps (contacts, stocks, itunes)

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    When I do iTunes restore, I always have an 2500 error, is there anyone out there know any solutions?

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    Ok I fixed my previous error, but now I have no EDGE on tmobile at all? Any ideas. I typed the into the call data setting

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I get error 1601 saying that an ipod was detected but it could not be identified properly!! Wtf Im using an iphone now i have a blank screen and cant do anything. This was done after trying to go into dfu mode. Any help would be appreciated. Im on 1.1.4 jailbroken with ziphone!

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    After i do everything a message comes up on itunes saying that theres an error (6). So now what do i do?


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    I just keep getting "failed to enter DFU mode" adn then there is a picture with like a cat and stuff with a bunch of fingers pointing at differnt things saying "U Fail! U Wantget Zune? Or Wut?"

    someone please help me i have no idea what im doing...

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    It worked yes!!

    I love the Iphone Dev Team!!

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